Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Backyard Mysteries

1. Mystery of My Backyard Part 1: My sprinkler system is acting screwy - sprinkler heads are exploding in the pre-dawn hours - and I have no earthly idea how to fix it. Almost always I can figure manual stuff out with the help of Google but this one has me stumped. So I'm back to manually turning on the sprinklers like it's 1995. Any ideas as to why I can turn them on manually and they work like champs but when the system is running they explode? Two mornings in a run I woke up at 4:45 to geysers in the back yard and had to scale a rickety old step ladder to turn off the outside water valve. I didn't even know there was such as thing as an outside water valve. I had to call my dad.

2. Mystery of My Backyard Part 2: Should I be concerned that there are cigarette butts in my backyard? I found two tonight whilst watering my plants. There are a few explanations. 1. My gardeners smoke. I'll ask. Although this seems unlikely that they would go through all the trouble to make my yard look so nice just to throw butts on it. 2. My neighbor is throwing them over the fence. I have often found butts in the front yard on the side that borders our neighbor's lawn. It would explain one that was close to the fence but not the one I found in the middle of the yard. That is some flick he has. 3. Someone is wandering the school yard behind our house and tossing them over. This seems possible, right? 4. (Yikes) Someone is coming into my backyard and smoking. Oh, geez. Let's change the subject.

3. Seminary has been out for a whole month and as usual I feel flushed with free time. The days are longer and I can stay up past 9 and I don't have to prepare a lesson every single night. On the days that I'm not teaching piano I have hours of free time after I get home from work. It's amazing! I have been mostly filling that time up with Lady of Elegant Leisure activities like reading and drawing and writing and sewing and practicing my calligraphy and learning Italian on Duo Lingo (Il cavallo mangia la mela) and shopping for caftans. Would anyone like a coin purse. I can't stop sewing them. Or a book recommendation? The Secret Diary of Charlotte Bronte (her life was so tragic, I can't stand it!!!)

4. And now for a harrowing tale. The other night I was sitting in my reading chair in my room when I felt what I thought was a strand of hair on my collar bone. I swiped it away but still felt something so I looked down and saw what could only be (so my gut told me) spider legs on my chest. But I couldn't see the other part of the spider so I gingerly peeked inside my shirt and there was the rest of him. There was a dead spider in my cleavage! In my swiping I must have killed and partially amputated him. Oh, the absolute horror! I did not scream. But I did hyperventilate. For several minutes. Let's change the subject again.

5. Every June the LA Conservancy shows classic films in the fabulous old movie theaters in downtown. It is maybe one of the coolest things you can do here. On Saturday Liz and I went down to the Los Angeles Theater, which is my absolute favorite (you have GOT to see this ladies room), to watch Easter Parade. It was a glorious night. And not just because we got free donuts at the Nickle Diner beforehand. The next day I found myself in a Fred Astaire YouTube wormhole. Here, watch him be amazing: