Thursday, September 7, 2017

No Camp Pies for Whiners

And just like that summer is over. I'm back in seminary (I have the BEST CLASS, you guys! I want to adopt all of them!), things are full steam ahead at the Institute, the county fair has started, and the Tyranny of the Pumpkin Spice has returned to Pinterest. I mean, it was 113 degrees last week (I wish I were exaggerating) but as far as those summer good vibrations go, it's done-zo.

We ended things with a bang at the old Knecht Homestead this year. The bulk of the fam (we MISSED all the rest) came down and we all went beach camping at our beloved South Carlsbad.

Here's the view from the campsite:

It was alright, I guess.

I mean, you certainly don't want to go there. 

On to all the good things:

1. My birthday hit on the second day we were there. And I spent the day with my favorite people in my favorite place swimming in the ocean and lounging on the sand and laughing and playing games and eating shaved ice and tacos. It could not have been any better. There was even a pinata. How can I top this birthday? I'm not even going to try. 

2. At one point we all waded out into the waves. There was something kind of magical about that moment that I have not been able to adequately describe. Many of us had a small child on our hip and we all were laughing from the sheer joy of the waves crashing on us or being carried up by the swell. There have very few times in my life when I have felt that level of happiness.

3. No sunburn! Well, except for that spot just above my armpit where I ALWAYS get sunburned. I don't know why, okay? I just do. But it wasn't even bad. You should have seen the assortment of sunscreens I had in a wide variety of SPF levels. And the rag-tag canopy of umbrellas, EZ-ups, beach tents and hippie blankets we used to shield us from the sun was quite a sight to behold.

4. I've always said that camp food is better than any other food. It takes forever to prepare but it is always the most delicious. Case in point, the hamburgers Lindsay made for us over the camp fire. Hands down the greatest burger I've ever had. Also, Casey and Kylea drove down from Oregon with their own marinating meats for tacos. Plus, they made real horchata. As in, they soaked the rice and cinnamon for their entire drive down. That is hardcore!

5. There are hundreds of people who camp at that site but very few of them go down to the beach. They pack up for the day and drive to other beaches. It's a mystery. But I'm not going to dwell too much on it because it means that we practically had our whole section of the beach to ourselves. Life of Elegant Leisure!

I'll just let the pictures do the rest. Dear Fam, let's do this again!
Addie doing her best Audrey Hepburn

Lindsay brought her long board and the kids dug it.

The Kitchen and the Number 1 breakfast crew. Hippie blankets galore!

Look how happy we are!

Caswell, living his best life. Me having the best yawn.

We recreated a picture we took many years ago. We're missing Gina but saved her spot between Camille and Linds.

Camp pie time. I believe they were experimenting with chocolate cake and cherry pie filling.

One of my favorite sights of beach camping are all the towels hanging on the fence.

These kids were in HEAVEN with all the sand. 

The Family Motto

If only your kitchen had this view.

Look how content I look on the eve of 42. I mean, that's a face at peace.