Sunday, September 23, 2012

Women of Elegant Leisure take Los Angeles

A significant portion of my ward is made up of young married couples. The husband is usually going to dental/PA/PT/grad school and the wife is home with the kids or working full time.  They are usually not from around here. So Katie and I have started taking a few gals along on excursions into the city. They are days full of laughing and good food, which is the same as book club and stitching group and restaurant club - only with more hobos.  Highlights of yesterday's Women of Elegant Leisure LA Trip include:

1.)  Getting off the freeway at the fabric district and assuring the ladies that we would not be murdered, despite all the evidence to the contrary.  It is not in the prettiest part of town, but the deals are great.

2.)  Breakfast/lunch at the Nickel Diner, the same place I went for my birthday dinner.  It was just as awesome.  In fact, we met the owner this time and she remembered us from when we came last month and to thank us for coming back she brought out slices of buttered toast (everyone should know that toast is the way to my heart - somewhere on this blog is a lovingly crafted ode to it.) and her "special reserve" nectarine jam.  Um, HEAVEN!!!!  Their strawberry jam, which is at every table, was also incredible.  We tried some of their famous donuts, a maple bacon which was off the charts and a strawberry, which was sweeeeet but tasty in small doses.  I am now convinced that every trip into downtown needs a stop off at the Nickel Diner.

3.)  The bearded man walking through Union Station with a guitar slung across his back shouting, "I'M WIDE AWAKE!  I'M WIDE AWAKE!" and the security guard following close behind him.

4.)  The air conditioning on the subway car. Also, the air conditioning in Sephora, the giant fan in the station, and the $1 fans we bought at the sparkly tchotchkes shop. Not to mention the giant frozen lemonades we all bought and sucked down as we strolled up Olvera Street. Holy Cats! It was so hot and sticky and humid yesterday. Dear Autumn, we're ready. Love, Rachel.

5.)  Hanging out with some of my favorite people.  I know that someday your husbands will be done with school and you'll move away but we'll always have that ghetto part of LA.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Return of the Errant Knight

Guess who has returned.  The Knight of Columbus!

He did not go into any details about his arrest and I did not ask (like I want to be tangled up in a legal hullabaloo.) But he did say that he felt compelled to serve us for our kindness in letting him park his car in our lot for a few days (WHILE HE WAS IN JAIL!).  He asked if there was any way he could be of assistance, specifically in fighting off the college's blatant attempts to squelch our religious liberties.  As if I'm going to give him any fuel for that fire.  And also, what squelching?  Our missionaries are on campus all the time and the only people harassing them are nutty students who think that Mormon's worship snakes.  As far as I know our liberties seem to be doing okay.

He left a little disappointed.  Poor Good Sir Knight. I should have asked him to take out the trash.

Monday, September 17, 2012

They have no idea

This morning in seminary we were discussing one of my favorite passages of scriptures (Matt 11:28-30) and the kids were being so sweet to each other and I naturally started to well up, just the tiniest bit.  And one of the kids said, "Oh!  Don't cry," in that really sweet, concerned voice that only makes me cry more.  But it actually made me chuckle*.  Because these kids have no idea what they're up against, crying wise.  They have no idea that I am the World Class Grade-A Olympic Gold Medalist Crier.  This welling up, where the tears didn't even crest, this was nothing.

I will report that I've been teaching for about 2 weeks now and I love.  I mean, I really do. I have 25 loud, funny, enthusiastic students and I wake up every morning at 4:45 excited to see them. I thought I had the best job in the church with Nursery, but I was wrong.  It's Seminary. (Although, let's get real, I miss those nursery kids a lot and find sitting in class for 2 hours without any Goldfish crackers or play time a little tedious. I'm trying to be grown up about it.)

*Paraphrasing a quote from Jane Eyre, "Telling me not to cry is like telling a fire not to burn."

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I felt decidely undressed

I was in a local restaurant tonight picking up dinner when a man dressed as a woman walked in and ordered a falafel plate. And when I say "dressed like a woman" what I mean is six inch heels, black stockings, flared skirt, blazer, flouncy blouse and a hat fit for a ribbon cutting ceremony.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Matching Tees

At our last meeting of the Art Society we made t-shirts and we debuted them at today's meeting.  Because there are few things I love more than matching tees.

They were cinchy.  I just printed the words and then cut them out onto contact paper and then slapped them on the shirt and spritzed it with bleach. 

Yeah, my Art Society is kind of awesome.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I WON A BLUE RIBBON AT THE FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You guys!!!!!  Maybe you're not aware but winning a blue ribbon at the fair was one of my Life Goals.  In fact, as soon as I'm done I'm going to open up my Life Goal spread sheet and cross it off. My whole life I have gone to the LA County Fair and have wandered through the exhibits and have sighed over other people winning.  So when I won 3rd place a few years ago I felt really great about it, but it still wasn't a blue.

So just imagine my joy when I get a text from my mom, who was at the fair with my dad, and in that text was a picture of my lace doily and a blue ribbon.  (Just typing that makes me want to do a cartwheel!)  The next minute or so was a blur but I know for sure there were multiple fist pumps, several leaps, a few shimmies and a toe touch.  It's a good thing I was still wearing my gym clothes for extra flexibility and ease of motion.

Totally worth the year it took to make that thing.  Dream come true!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peachy, buttery goodness

Because I love you, because I want nothing but your happiness, because I think that sharing is caring, because I wish that you had all been around last night when we ate this so that we all could have rejoiced together, I'm going to pass on this recipe for Paula Deen's peach cobbler and tell you that I think you should make it immediately.

What are you still sitting there for?!  You have all the ingredients except for the peaches so run to the store and pick some up and make this RIGHT NOW!  Because soon peach season will be over and you'll be sad that you didn't maximize what little time you had left by making it every single day and then eating the leftovers for breakfast.

Fact:  The leftovers are so good that I shot a victorious fist in the air while eating them.

It is peachy, buttery goodness.  It will make you want to hug someone. 

And if you really want to go over the top you should eat it with homemade boysenberry ice cream, which we did.  And then we all died.  And then we came back to life and had some more.