Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Errant Knight

A guy came into the institute today and said, "Hi.  I'm with the Knights of Columbus and it's my sacred vow to defend all faiths of the Mother Churches and Sister Churches."  So I asked, "Are we a Mother and/or Sister church?" Because you just never know where we stand these days with people. And he said, "Yes. Is there anything I can do to defend your church?"

And then my head explode from all the smiling I was doing.  I mean, an actual Knight of Columbus!  And boy did I have questions.  Like, do they have special uniforms that they wear to meetings? I'm picturing chain mail but I bet there's some sort of business casual armor they put on for everyday use. Do they have membership cards?  If so can I see it? Is there a secret handshake? Why Columbus?  It's not like he was a huge defender of the faith.  Who would win if one of them got into a fight with a Swiss Guard? If they go on a field trip to the Vatican do the Swiss Guards make fun of them kind of like how cops make fun of neighborhood watches?

But he was very solemn and sincere, much like my JWBFF, and I sensed that he wouldn't understand my enthusiasm for his organization.  So we chatted for a awhile about serious stuff - how there isn't much of a multi-faith community anymore and should there be a bigger presence on campus of the different religions.  And it was plenty fascinating and enjoyable but what I really wanted to know was if his joisting sword was collapsable because that must be a pain to store.


Ms. Liz said...

This seriously made my day. I would have asked him if someone followed him with coconuts too but bless him and his knightly earnestness.

And good on you for meeting his earnestness. No one else could have handled it better. No one.

Valerie said...

Who knew the Mt. SAC institute would be where your dreams came true.

Who knew?

Rach said...

You met a Knight of Columbus? YOU MET A KNIGHT OF COLUMBUS!!! I LOVE that one just walked right into your office. You live a charmed life, my friend. And nice job keeping it cool. I would have giggled the whole time.

Annette Todd said...

I love the KOC. In almost every parade I attend, the KOC men march and, they don't wear armor but capes (I call them opera capes) and large black hats with feathers in them -- really its better than armor. But, seriously, I love the fact they a member came into the Institute; that is so sweet and honorable. How fortunate for all of us that it was YOU he got to meet and you who represented the great institute of Institute.

Cynde said...

Ry wants to be a Knight of Columbus because of the cool plumed hat.

Did you get his phone number just in case you need someone to defend you honor?

This is brilliant!

Anonymous said...

A proselyting knight? And he wanders into a Mormon facility? The missionaries better step it up and get swords.