Monday, July 2, 2012

Now Commencing Summer 'O Fun '012!

1.) At the Disney sing-along last weekend we witnessed the definition of Man Space:

See that guy next to Laura?  And see Laurie's feet just barely peeking out?  There was approximately 1 foot of space for him to sit in but he assumed the position and took up about 4 feet.  Way to go man, you totally conquoured that space!

2.)  Look who was in town!!!

Amanda and Nathan!  We rented bikes in Newport and road down to Balboa and had brunch on the roof at Ruby's overlooking the ocean.  Milk shakes included.  The perfect morning, am I right?

Look how cute the two of them are, all carefree and sunny..  I miss you already.  Please come back.

3.)  On Saturday night my Mom, Camille and I went out to dinner and then saw Brave and then headed over to watch the fireworks show that Chino always puts on the Saturday before the 4th of July. Why the Saturday before and not the actual date?  Who knows, but it's certainly part of our kooky charm. They're shot off in the park right by the prison and as we were watching them my mom said, "I hope they let the prisoners have a peek," which is so tender-hearted of her.  And it made me recall the tour at Alcatraz where it was mentioned that the prisoners could hear revelers across the bay and it made me so sad.  And then I really did want the prisoners to be able to see the fireworks.

4.) As I was leaving Chino I noticed something in the window of my parent's neighbor's home. (This is a horrible picture, but it was dark, and you'll still get the idea.)

It is a giant bunny silhouette.  I am convinced it is some sort of signal.  Or that the Easter Bunny lives there.  Or they're staging a theatrical production of Watership Down. Or Harvey, even though Harvey was invisible, maybe they're doing a really cool interpretation of it. Any guesses?


Camille said...

What neighbor??? No you have me freaked!! What if a bunny attacks me at night?

Gina said...

I hope that all the girls have the Motown sing-along on the calendar! Including Liz and Laura and Sara (if possible). So excited!

Camille, that would be hysterical if a bunny attacked you. Hee, hee.

Rachel Knecht said...

It was Suzie's house. Naturally.

Camille said...

Or course it was Suzie's. I will be on the look out.

Anonymous said...

It's Frank... "Come closer...." (no one who's not a Donnie Darko person will understand)