Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I trust that donuts and naps will get me through

Things I need to do this summer:

1.)  Sleep-train myself to be in bed by 9
2.)  Find a really good donut shop nearby
3.)  Memorize 25 scriptures
4.)  Pray a lot
Why?  Because I'm going to teach seminary* this year. 
Knights of Columbus.

I am happy to report that I have moved out of the stunned phase.  I am now into the mostly-thrilled phase.  Things that have helped:  I called my dad immediately, and no one is more excited about seminary or teaching than my dad, he was positively giddy; I really love the kids, well, the girls at least, I don't know many of the boys but they have to be great, right?; I work amongst people who are super excited about religious education - where most people who hear the news would say, "Whoa," everyone I told today said, "That's so cool!!"

And I agree, it is pretty cool. Even though when I look back at my own seminary experience it seems like an impossible dream.  Did I really wake up at 4:45 every morning of high school?  Just thinking about 4:45am makes me a little queasy.  But it happened.  And it will happen again.  And I suspect it will be challenging but also really fun.  So if you need me between August and June I'll be holed up in my room either with my nose in the New Testament or sleeping. Wish me luck. 

*An early morning religious class for the high school set.  This is a volunteer position but similar to my actual paying gig in that I am a secretary at an institute, which is seminary for college kids.  Sadly, there is no ping pong in seminary.  They both fall under the same department aptly named Seminaries & Institutes.  Which means I have both covered and maybe I should petition to become the department queen.


aprilaleman said...

It's challenging but AWESOME!!! Plus, I guarantee some fun stories. :)

Stephanie said...

If my child were in seminary and you were called to be her seminary teacher, I would be doing the "hoot hoot holla" dance all night long. That's the best compliment I could give anyone. You were made for this job! Go get 'em!

Andrea said...

I want to relive my high school years just to have a chance to have you as a seminary teacher. Oh man, those kids are lucky! You're going to be great. I'm sorry about the waking up at 4:45 thing, I'm still not used to it. I will warn you though, make sure you record all your TV shows because I guarentee you won't ever stay awake for the entire program. I fall asleep on the couch every night about 8:30 or so. It makes watching reality TV difficult, I never know who gets kicked off.

Heidi said...

You will be GREAT!!

But yes find a good donut shop!

sarahgurl said...

You were such a positive influence and a good example, and you taught me to love Sunday school. My scriptures are filled with quotes and marked verses from your esteemed other words you will be amazing and they will adore you!

Rach said...

AWESOME. It's a good thing you're 80, because now you're going to be living those hours! Just kidding. If I had had you as a seminary teacher I wouldn't have skipped occasionally to make band posters. You will be so much fun. No one can make the Bible entertaining like you will. Good luck.

Camille said...

Sarah, remember scripture samurai?? That was Rachel wasn't it.
Girl, you're going to be awesome!

Taylor Family said...

How exciting! What age group will you be teaching?

Anonymous said...

Holy cow.... Seminary forts? Make your own hat day? There'll be no such thing as sleeping through class.