Friday, June 22, 2012

Worth the drive

Here's something fun to do:  spend many months planning a week long camp for teenage girls then go to the camp and have a great time but only get an average of 4 hours of sleep each night and then when you get back immediately leave for a 10 hour drive to Salt Lake City.  I guarantee that by the time you hit St. George you will be as loony as a loon on loon pills.  The only time I can remember being that tired was that one time I took 5 different flights over two nights to get to Tunisia and had been awake for 37 hours straight.  The sad fact is that, try as I might, I cannot sleep sitting up.  Even with a travel pillow and drugs.  Even in a hysterical and exhausted state of mind.  I can't do it.  So I spent the whole drive up fluctuating being laughing until I cried and trying not to actually cry.

But oh, was it worth it.  Look how happy Gina, Chris & Levi are.  It was such a joyous day.  You wouldn't miss that either, right?  Plus, there were other blessed nephews and a niece to play with.  And many of the sibs and several cousins.  And along with going to the temple I enjoyed both an ice cream cone from the BYU Creamery and a shaved ice.  Joyous indeed.


In other news:  HAPPY SUMMER!  Oh, how I love summer.  Sure, it's hot.  But doesn't summer make you feel so tingly?  Like excitement is just around the corner?  I hosted book club tonight and for our food theme the girls were to bring their favorite summer foods.  We had a lot of fruit and popsicles.  It was a win for all of us.  Heather was over and we were reminiscing about our amazing train trip last summer and it just got me so excited for all the possibilities this time around.  To kick things off we're going to the first sing-along of the season tomorrow night.  I am ready to sing and shimmy in the glow of the warm setting sun.


Stephanie said...

Even in Phoenix, I love summer. I know that it is the hottest place on the planet right now, but there are popscicles and swimming pools and sunblock and friends and vacations and shade and air-conditioned Target stores.

I still love the spring (although "spring" here is January/February) - but I am learning to really love summer here. You're right, it's tingly.

Andrea said...

Ok, I guess I can be happy for summer. I look at it this way, I just need to get through summer and part of fall and then I'll have 1.5 seasons of nice weather to enjoy. So for now, bring on the haboobs!

Rach said...

I think your description of sleep deprivation induced hysteria is spot on. I know because that's how I'm feeling right now. You also make summer sound awesome. It makes me want to eat a popsicle. I'm glad you made it to and from SLC safely. Congrats to Gina and Chris!