Monday, June 25, 2012


Some months ago our upstairs neighbors and friends (whose freezer exploded on my watch and I ended up with about 50 pounds of rotten meat all over my feet) moved and new people moved in. They are a total mystery.  I've seen old people come out of there.  Young people come out of there.  Several children run up and down the stairs.  I always see packs of teenagers getting in the car parked in their space.  I should really just go up with a plate of cookies but I have anxiety about that sort of thing.  And I actually really enjoy a good mystery.

Despite how many people may or may not be living up there they have been just fine, neighbor-wise.  They don't gallop down the stairs, they don't scream at their children or smoke (like the Next Doors), they aren't loud or have raucus parties (like the Across the Ways), and they must crawl everywhere because I never hear footsteps.  So that's really in their favor.  But there have been two instances of questionable behavior.  1.)  A while back I was sitting at my desk late at night, my room was quiet and my window was open so it was easy to hear the following:  someone opening the door upstairs, then sprinting all the way down, then vomitting in the bushes, then walking back upstairs.  And 2.)  every morning for the last week there's a guy up there who wakes up and raps.  As in, he makes up his own raps.  At 6am.  It's not waking me up or anything, I'm usually awake by the time he gets going.  It's just kind of funny.

So my conclusion on who they are?  Gypsies.  They're a family of gypsies who run some kind of open-air circus.  They're taking the season off to perfect their acts before going out on the road again.  Their apartment is strung up with tight-ropes, that's why I can't hear them walking.  The rapping guy is working on the entertainment for between acts.  And the vomitting?  I say it's a fire-breather who swallowed too much gasoline.

Now I just have to make cookies so I can go up and confirm.


Kelly said...

what a great mystery! Keep us posted,

Anonymous said...

Please, try to get a recording of the rapping? Please?