Monday, June 18, 2012

I may have tie-dyed a few shirts

On Camp:

1.)  I still have dye in my cuticles from all the tie-dying I helped out with.  And on that note, I realized on Friday afternoon in a gas station back in the civilized world that tie-dye is fine while at camp, in fact, it's almost essential, but in everyday life it is mortifying.

2.)  Everyone expects drama at girls camp.  Wild packs of teen age girls with little sleep, hopped up on sugar and spending hours on end with each other is like a giant petri dish full of drama.  But there was none that I could see.  And if there was they handled it.  They were all sweet and friendly and funny and creative and cute and zany. Not a single bra was frozen or flown up the flag pole.

3.)  But there were lots of tears shed, because we're girls.  And because we were lousy with injuries and illnesses.  We had girls falling over left and right. By Tuesday afternoon we had 3 girls on crutches.  A girl went home on Wednesday because of a really bad cold that was ravaging the camp.  Our valiant nurse was handing out drugs like they were Skittles.

4.)  The upside to all of these ailments was that I got to drive all the wounded and feverish girls around in a golf cart. A GOLF CART!  Friends who know me know that one of my dreams is to have a golf cart.  It is the perfect Rachel-sized car.  And it's fitting for a Woman of Elegant leisure because pumping gas is so distasteful.  So on Monday night one of the men who was up there with us said, "Hey, we have use of the camp golf cart.  Do you want a test drive?" To which I replied, "DO I," as I sprinted out to where it was parked.  We rumbled around for a bit in the wilderness, getting lost several times because the camp looks WAY different at night.  And when I finished I got a little sad that that would probably be the only time I would use it because I have two working legs and it's kind of lame to drive around camp.  And then the girls started dropping and I became the designated driver and all week long I was ferrying girls to and from the lodge and basically loving it.  Who wants to buy me a golf cart?

5.)  Did you guys know that there are spare bulbs in flash lights?  I did not until while on our test drive that first night of camp the guy noticed that my flash light was dim so we went to his truck and he changed out the batteries and when that didn't work he unscrewed the bottom and pulled out a little plug and there, nestled inside, was a wee little replacement bulb and lo, there was light.

6.)  Two words:  no moths.  Okay, maybe a few more words:  no moth infestation as in years past.  Sure, there was the occasional rogue but I didn't have a single panic attack that one would nestle in my bangs while I slept.

7.)  Speaking of sleep, there wasn't much.  Because I was bunking with several of the funniest ladies I know.  On Wednesday night we were nearly in hysterics.  I was laughing all week long.  It was very Ya-Ya Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

In conclusion:  Camp was a success.  The girls were happy.  I was happy.  Hooray for girls camp.

In our next episode:  Utah!  And how cute my nephew looks in a white vest.


Rach said...

Driving a golf cart is the primary reason I go golfing. The pink clubs are fun, too, but mostly I feel fancy driving around the cart. And wherever you go for camp is awesome for having a golf cart on hand. It's very true, what you said about tie dye, but it sure is fun at camp! I'm glad you have no moths in your hair. I'm also glad you had fun.

Rach said...
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Rach said...
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Andrea said...

Our Stake girls camp was last week too. Evidently the stomach flu went throughout the camp and each night a different ward came down with it. The barfs and girls camp, two of my worst nightmares. I can't even imagine. I'm glad camp was successful and that you had fun, and I'm even more glad you got to drive a golf cart!

Rach said...

I'm not sure how I ended up posting my comment 3 times. Sorry. I guess what I have to say is super duper important.

Valerie said...

#1 is true of so many things. Anklets, for example. They make perfect sense at camp, or any sort of sisterly-summer experience. Outside of that, absurd and tacky.
Anything made with hemp. Double points for hemp-with-beads. Braided rope bracelets.
Anyway, you get the picture.

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

I write permits for golf courses, including the fueling stations for their carts. *taps the side of her nose* Come up and see me sometime...