Monday, November 20, 2017


I came home from work today and didn't have any piano lessons because I gave my kids the week off to sit and contemplate how grateful they are that I'm the type of teacher who doesn't make them do recitals. (Although I have to tell you that a couple of weeks ago I had two consecutive students in tears. They showed up that way and I had to throw out every trick I know to get them to cheer up and play the piano for 30 minutes.) And I don't have a seminary lesson to plan because we don't have class this week and here I am facing an evening free of all responsibility. I don't even have to cook dinner because Katie's got that covered. I'm living in a dream right now.

So I thought I'd pop on to this poor old neglected blog to tell you that this morning I saw an RIP sticker for Paul Walker on a brand new car. The RIP sticker has finally gone out of style here, so I was surprised to see it in the first place. But then doubly surprised that it was for Paul Walker. Because a.) not to make light of his death but it's been a while and b.) there is such a good chance that the gentleman who owns the car did not actually know Paul Walker. And with it being a new car he would have had to either get a new sticker or remove it from an old car. Can you picture this guy standing in the dealership parking lot like, "Wait! My RIP Paul Walker sticker!"

This begs the questions, do you think I should get an RIP Charles Dickens sticker? I can't think of a single person who has recently died that I would memorialize with a window decal. I mean, I still get a little sad when I remember that Prince died, but I don't want to be that person with an RIP Prince sticker. But Dickens, that's just funny. And I am slightly bummed that he's not around for me to go to a book reading and awkwardly stand by as I try to think of something clever to say that would make him want to be my best friend and also wish that a hole would open in the ground for me to fall into while he signs my copy of Bleak House.  Be honest, would you die laughing if you saw an RIP Charles Dickens sticker because now I kind of want one. In really fancy script with 1812-1870 on it.

Happy Thanksgiving back, turkeys!