Sunday, June 10, 2012

A whole week without my lame neighbors.

It's not even 9 and all I have left to do for camp is write my talk for tomorrow night and pack.  Easy peasy!  I'm celebrating by blogging.  But I'm not going to talk about camp except to say that I'm in a Zen state about things and to prove it I will admit that I barely panicked at all when I opened up our boxes of t-shirts to find that they had messed up the order by moving every size up.  So instead of smalls we have mediums and so forth.  So we'll just be really comfortable, right?  Admit it, you always want to order the larger size, don't you.

What I really want to talk about is how obnoxious our neighbors are and after camp my number one goal is to get all of them out.  We have Mr. Smoker to the right.  I'm not exaggerating when I say he lights up every 30 minutes.  And then we have The Good Time Gang across the way.  Tonight they had 8 people on their balcony.  EIGHT PEOPLE!  Isn't that a safety violation?  They sit out there all night, drinking and smoking and talking really, really, really loud.  I was in my bedroom, which is the furthest away from them that I can get in my apartment, and I could still hear every single word they said. 

Any ideas?  I'm thinking of breaking in and leaving some kind of vermin, maybe make them think there's a plague going on.

I'm off to girls camp.  Yay!!  Pray that the shirt fiasco is the worst that happens and that the giant killer moths decide to infest some other camp this year.


Rach said...

Sadly, even moving to a detached home in a regular neighborhood doesn't rid you of Good Time Gang neighbors and Excess Smokers. The neighbor across the street from us is on her porch constantly, yakking at full volume into her cell phone to some friend in Texas and chain smoking. All this while cranking country music, which I never intended my sweet boys to ever be forced to listen to. Shocking!

Mary P said...

Didn't you hear? The flowy look is in! Tell the girls they will be getting sewing lessons from their leaders after camp so they can DIY those puppies into batwing sleeves ;)

Valerie said...

I'm glad you're away on a fun girl's camp adventure, but, next time, could you have some scheduled posts while you're gone like the professionals do? A week is a long time to go without a post where you "say so".

Anonymous said...

I can't even respond to this without typing in a yelling voice. I hate neighbors. Why don't we live next to each other, with Softy McYoga Barefoot on the opposite side?