Monday, July 23, 2012

Go big or go home!

Hi friends.  Blogging from exotic Provo, UT here.  I spent the day playing and eating and playing and eating and swimming in a rainstorm and visiting and driving a convertible (pictures to come.  There is some very windswept hair up in here.) And I'll write all about it but for now I just have to make an observation.

Do you know what Utah loves?  Utah loves a big flag.  They don't have any of those communist regular sized flags that you see in other states.  Oh no.  They have GIANT AMERICAN FLAGS that are the size of my apartment.  Maybe even bigger than my apartment.  They're big, okay.  I was driving quite a bit today and every building along the highway had one.  Except for one.  And as I was approaching the average size flag I thought, "What kind of American is flying this baby flag?"  And then I saw that it was in front of the National Guard building.  Weak sauce, National Guard!


Rach said...

Hooray for our visit! I love that there are pictures of our adventures in the Miata. I was very glad you were there to shift into 2nd gear for me. I take it your drift on the Lazy River ended up being a little less blissful than you'd hoped, if it was raining on you. Bummer. But at least it didn't rain on our drive.

Erin said...

Texas also loves giant American flags. Also, giant Texas state flags. They fly they obnoxiously side by side and stand underneath proclaiming, "Everything's bigger in Texas!" And, if they knew their own state song, they'd probably sing that, too :)

Andrea said...

Utah has their big flags and AZ has their emergency chiropractics.