Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mostly pictures of cute nephews

Random pictures from my camera.

1.)  Ruby was eyeballing my free slurpee on 7/11.  It was actually my second free slurpee that day but I still was not about to share.

2.)  I made this large doily/small table cloth/old lady shawl and turned it into the fair competition.  It took a year to make.  When I handed it over to the guy at the drop-off I checked for dirt under his fingernails.  Maybe sometimes in your heart you doubt that I am 80. This is proof that you should not. 
3.)  This was my view the entire drive to Utah.  MY NEPHEW LEVI IS CUTER THAN ALL OF YOUR NEPHEWS COMBINED!!!!

4.)  Look who it is!!!  Rac!!  And we're not vomiting.  In fact, we laughed at that curse and went out to lunch.  Which made me consider moving to Utah because I miss that girl.  It was her dream in high school to own a convertible Mazda Miata and she finally has one.  So we zipped around town in it.  And she let me drive it home which was awesome.  Friends, we should all own convertible sports cars.  Just for fun.

5.)  I spent this afternoon with the Art Society.  We made construction paper flowers and ate frozen grapes and watched Peter Pan and pretended to be pirates/florists.  It was basically the best afternoon of my life.

6.)  Ben got it in the eye with a marker when Tom was a little too enthusiastic about getting the lid off.  He was not thrilled, until he looked in the mirror and said, "Hey, I look like Scar from the Lion King. Okay, that's cool."  Agreed.


Rach said...

Oh my heck, Levi is cute. So cute. I'm surprised you didn't crash the car looking at that kid. Unless you weren't driving. Because then you could just soak in the cuteness. And another OMH for that AMAZING doily/shawl/tablecloth. You made that? You are more talented in your pinkie finger than 3 of me combined. I wish you would move to Utah. You could drive the Miata whenever you wanted. By the way, I drove it around Wednesday night and didn't even shudder. You must have charmed the car. Hey, if you moved to Utah you could start an Art Society and my boys could join. But only if I could also join. But if you must stay in California, I'm glad that the Vomit Curse has been broken so our visits are more fun.

teresa p said...

Yay! You finished! You do have adorable nephews. Glad you're back, though.