Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Five Down

If these last two days are any indication of what seminary is going to be like you can all say sayonara to me.  I've had seminary training at 6am which means I have to wake up at 4:30, which means I start dozing off at 9 which hasn't been my bedtime since I was 14.  All I can think about is sleeping.  And that is in lieu of very important things like reading and watching tv and writing on this blog. And I'm not even preparing lessons yet.  Although the trainings have made me super pumped for it so that's a bonus, right?

In other news:


That just came and went, and where was I?  Girls Camp.  And then Utah.  And then hyperventilating about teaching seminary. And now losing precious hours of sleep.  But let's all celebrate.  Quick, someone bake a cake! Thanks for sticking with me and putting up with my mild obsessions with Tyra Banks and Charles Dickens and the fair and felt and my lovable family and the Dodgers and Slurpees and Big Wheels and semi-secret fraternal orders and how awesome California is.  You've all waited patiently right along with me for the Wealthy Benefactor to show up.  You've put up with my 80 year old tendencies like how I sometimes ramble on and on about crocheting and muu-muus.  You've come along for the ride that one time I took a nun chuck class and that other time I flitted off to Tunisia and that other time I saw Wayne Newton LIVE at San Manuel Indian Casino. You've been there for all those crazy jobs that involved pulling on people's ears or firing people or fending off the IRS. And through all those bouts of unemployment where I bored you with my geography knowledge (after you bake the cake will you please stuff me in a locker?)  And you haven't made fun of my fear of walking down stairs or walking into Wal-mart and going to the post office.  And you've endured all those rants on grammar (see:  locker stuffing). And I like that you laugh along with me when I watch a mentally challenged dog named Maynard or when a woman grabs my butt in the Fed-Ex store. 

Basically, what I'm saying is, I think you're great.

Let's go for another five.


Jenny said...

I'm on board for another five! I've only been reading for the last few years, but I've enjoyed countless laughs thanks to you.

Good luck with seminary! Those are some lucky kids to get you as a teacher.

Rach said...

Happy anniversary! I had this awesome, witty comment that I was doing from my phone, then I couldn't remember my password. The point is, I'm glad there's a blog I can always count on for laughs and stories I can bring up in conversation when things are getting dull. (My friends know all about you, and get excited when I say, "Rachel Knecht was saying...")

Good luck with seminary. I think those kids are the luckiest kids in the world. A tall glass of Nesquick in the morning should help out with the early hours. :)

Camille said...

High-five on 5 years!!! Let's get slurpees.

Anonymous said...

RayK, you are my example of what it means to live life.