Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Errant Knight Errs

You guys are not going to believe this but the Knight of Columbus came back  And he brought intrigue with him!  I noticed him come in so I said hi and he hung out in the lounge for a bit and then he came up and asked if it was okay if he parked his car in our lot for the day.  He said he was asking because he noticed the permit signs and wanted to stay above the law.  I thought that was very knightly of him so I gave him a temporary day pass and told him to feel free to sign up for a class so he could get a permanent one.  And then he left.  I assumed he was going off to lance things or dust off the plume of his fancy dress hat.

But then an hour later a fellow came in whom I hadn't seen before.  He came up to my window and said, "I'm looking for Rachel."  I introduced myself and he said, "I have a message from (The KoC) for you.  He was just arrest and wants to know if you can give him a call." And then he handed me an index card with the KoC's name and number scribbled on it.


So it turns out that the KoC's oath to defend the rights of various faiths also extends to the rights of the down-trodden, namely his rights.  According to his friend he was recently suspended from school for "doing something dumb" and barred from entering the campus and he felt as if that trampled on his personal freedoms so he purposely went to an office on campus and started making a ruckus and refused to leave and the police were called and he was hauled off, which was his intention all along so that he could sue them for encroaching on his civil liberties.  And somewhere during all of this he managed to tell his friend to come and find me so that I could ring him up to, I can only assume, chitchat about the weather.  Because what else can I say to this guy except, "Yep, that was pretty lame thing you just did."

To appease his friend I dialed the number and, as expected, got his voice mail because I bet it's tough getting to your phone when you're shackled in the back of a squad car.

When I was telling this story to Katie she said, "And you thought you wouldn't have any crazy stories at this job."  HA!  I still got it, people.  The crazy still follows me.


Camille said...

How? How do you do it? I mean I had a kid shadow boxing right in front of my desk today as if he was Rocky. But that is nothing compared to calling a KofC in the slammer.

sarahgurl said...

Incredible....I think he might want you to visit him in jail, maybe he did it to catch your attention. I can see him being forced into the back seat of the squad car yelling to his friend, ” PLEASE, GO TELL RACHEL I'LL BE GONE F FOR AWHILE!”
does he have an accent? Cause I picture him with one

Rach said...

I love your life. When I read that he'd been suspended from school I had to re-picture him in my head, because before, I'd pictured him looking kind of like the Templar Knight at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade. He's most likely madly in love with you, and will be expecting long letters from you while he languishes in the county jail. Your life is so full of excitement.

Wendy said...

I miss having funny stories. Stories about my kids are really always funnier to me than to anyone else so I often feel I have nothing entertaining to say...maybe I can go into my nearest Elks Lodge and stir up some excitement.

Anonymous said...

??? When did the KoC get infiltrated by terrorist hippie demonstrators??