Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Peachy, buttery goodness

Because I love you, because I want nothing but your happiness, because I think that sharing is caring, because I wish that you had all been around last night when we ate this so that we all could have rejoiced together, I'm going to pass on this recipe for Paula Deen's peach cobbler and tell you that I think you should make it immediately.

What are you still sitting there for?!  You have all the ingredients except for the peaches so run to the store and pick some up and make this RIGHT NOW!  Because soon peach season will be over and you'll be sad that you didn't maximize what little time you had left by making it every single day and then eating the leftovers for breakfast.

Fact:  The leftovers are so good that I shot a victorious fist in the air while eating them.

It is peachy, buttery goodness.  It will make you want to hug someone. 

And if you really want to go over the top you should eat it with homemade boysenberry ice cream, which we did.  And then we all died.  And then we came back to life and had some more.


Rach said...

You are in so much trouble. Now that's all I want to eat.

Katie said...

My hands are raised as I'm witnessing to you how delicious this was. And I don't think I actually fist pumped when I ate leftovers today, but I was five minutes late picking up my students because I savored every last morsel. This was not a dessert to be rushed.

Camille said...

Can I get an amen??!!! Here is your 3rd witness people...that you MUST eat this. Oh have mercy.

Angela said...



I get that we're playing in different ballparks, but my recipe that knocks the ball out of there is still that broccoli one. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Does it count if I licked my computer monitor?