Friday, May 23, 2014

Year 2 - Complete

Hey, guess what!

Seminary is done!

I used to be able to do cartwheels. Should I attempt it? No. But you can go ahead and imagine me doing a cartwheel. I think that would be enjoyable for you. And if we're going there we might as well make it big, so imagine me doing a cartwheel that goes into the splits and then pinwheel fireworks go off behind me. I'm wearing blue sequins overalls.

Anyway, I'm pretty excited about this. And also sad.

Because those kids really get to you, you know. You spend 9 months thinking about them constantly, and spending hours preparing lessons every single night for them, and seeing their sleepy faces every single morning, and singing solos to them because they refuse to sing with you for the opening song, and trying, pleading, begging, tap dancing, anything just to get them to comment on a question, just one question, and laughing at all the funny things they say and crying over how far they've come and rejoicing that they come at all and seem, sometimes, to get it and enjoy it, and that they come back the next day and do it all over again with you. And it's usually only now, around the end of the year that you start seeing that they've been listening all along. And suddenly 9 months seem too short.

These are great kids.

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