Monday, September 22, 2014

Elegant Leisurewear

If you're looking for a style icon for your Life of Elegant Leisure look no further than Patricia Neal in Breakfast at Tiffany's.

This basically has everything you need for running errands about town. Errands such as lunch with a Swedish art dealer or picking out the perfect gilded cherub to hang in your boudoir. It has pockets to stash your calling cards and a dramatic collar to block the masses from breathing on you as you get into your chauffeured town car. And remember that a Lady of Elegant Leisure never leaves her penthouse without a turban.

As for your quiet moments at home, in between planning the menu for a dinner party in honor of the new mayor and keeping up your correspondence with foreign diplomats, there's this number:

You know you're really killing it when you accessorize with a poodle.


Rach said...

I have always wanted to try the cape/turban look. And I will be investing in some green satin PJ pants immediately.

Anonymous said...

But she was awful! We don't dress after the fashion of the awful! Not when Audrey is one floor up in her pink robe and black alligator shoes!