Monday, February 23, 2015

The Julie Andrews Effect

While in the midst of a rousing game of Skip-bo the power went out at my parents' house last night. So we played the rest of the game by candle-, lantern-, and electronic device light, just like the pioneers. Later, we attempted shadow puppets, where I succeeded in making a Sleestak. Which prompted Dad to say, "Why don't you check on the website again to see how much longer this is going to last." He has no taste for comedic shadow puppets.

Our biggest concern for the evening was that the stove lighter was powered by electricity (weird) thus making popcorn impossible. We were going to give it a half hour before resorting to the burner on the grill.

The power came on just in time for us to turn on the Oscars and watch Lady Gaga sing the Sound of Music medley. Here was my thought process:  "Philistines! I can't BELIEVE that they would put LADY GAGA up on the STAGE to sing the SOUND OF MUSIC! But she does look very elegant. And her voice is surprisingly great for this kind of music. And she seems to really love it. Could Lady Gaga and I be friends? So...that was really well done. Sweet Land of Liberty, it's Julie Andrews! Don't cry. Don't cry. She is so beautiful and gracious and I want to be her next door neighbor so that I can pop over and borrow sugar from her anytime. Oh man, she really loves the Gaga. I would not be able to recover if Julie Andrews hugged me that way. Well, it looks like I'm a Lady Gaga fan now. Whither goeth Julie Andrews, so goeth I."

Funniest joke of the night:  When the camera stopped on John Stamos (really?) Lindsay said, "Are they serving yogurt tonight?" I can't stop laughing over that.


Unknown said...

Same exact thoughts regarding that whole sound of music deal... Wanted to hate it but loved it

Andrea said...

I yelled at the TV as soon as I realized Lady Gaga was singing Sound of Music songs, but then I was pleasantly surprised with her performance. I'm just so relieved she didn't do it in her meat dress.

Rach said...

I may have been severely sleep-deprived when I watched the oscars this morning, which possibly made me burst into tears during Climb Every Mountain, and then sob when Julie Andrews appeared. My kids thought I'd gone bananas, but that's only because they've never seen the Sound of Music (I'm buying it this week to correct this huge deprivation). I also wept openly when they panned to Chris Pine and he had tears streaming down his face after John Legend and Common performed Glory. It was an emotional morning. I had been dealing with vomit in the early hours of day, so I may have responded differently if I'd had more tha a few hours of sleep.