Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tragic Pants

If you're interested, here's Gwyneth Paltrow's latest recommendation from Goop for fall denim.

Are she and her staff living in some kind of clown universe? What are those things?! She, in all seriousness, put these up as an actual possibility for denim in the workplace. At what office do you think these would fit in? Possibly the receptionist at the Home for the Tragic and Misguided has a pair. If you enlarge the picture you will see that the hem is frayed. Because when you have already committed to looking really out of your mind you had better go all the way. Also, it should be noted that they are $340. Or $10 if you head on over to the Goodwill and pick up the two most unflattering jeans you can find and make a pair for yourself. Knights of Columbus!

And what goes well with the Ugliest Jeans in the History of All Jeans? A $1700 blazer. You read that right. This whole look, in fact, is $2500. Is it time for me to stop hate-reading Goop? For some reason I can handle all of her stuff on herbal colonics and $10000 hotel rooms in Tokyo. But this has crossed a line.

Never has an article of clothing deserved this more:

Prince is the prince of questionable clothing and even he knows these are Crazy Town, USA.


Camille said...

I have never loved that orange whatchamacallit thing that Prince is wearing so much until I saw tragic pants.

Andrea said...

I heard a while back that skinny jeans are on their way out (hallelujah!) and flared are coming back. But this? They're like some sort of gaucho and when were those ever a good idea? The blazer is horrid as well. The whole outfit is not flattering at all. Sweet land of liberty! I guess I'll continue to not be stylish.

Emsy said...

It's me Emsy would you believe it? Clearly you didn't recognize me in my suede culottes and wool halter.