Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Art Society Does the Getty

The Art Society kids were on spring break a few weeks ago and when Heather asked them what they wanted to do they said, "Hang out with Rachel on one of the days." Oh geez. My heart. So we went to the Getty. 

If you're in LA and you have time for just one massive art museum choose the Getty over LACMA. Yes, it's farther and you will feel like you've been in traffic for your entire life, but it is so worth it. It's free, it's in the prettiest spot, the art is amazing, the gardens are restorative, and the tram ride up is fun. I promise you will feel like a more cultured, elegant, enlightened, and sun-kissed person while up there. 

Also, you should take children. Because that's a hoot. You get to follow them around and say, "Don't put your hands on that priceless work of art." Which is really rich coming from me because all I want to do at a museums is touch the art. I've been called out by several security guards for getting too close. So I get it, kids. I totally get it.

Here's something you should know about my Art Society Kids. They are engaging, curious, and fun. They are up for adventure. When I ask them to do something silly or thoughtful, they do it and they do it well. If I ask, "Which painting in this gallery would you hang in your bathroom," they will answer not just with the choice but why they chose it. And they'll be genuinely amazed at what they're seeing. I don't know what other kids are like but these kids are the perfect museum companions as well as totally great life-long buddies. I said to Kaiya as we were walking through the gardens, "Isn't it great that 30 years from now we'll still be friends and still go to museums and have adventures together?" Then she grabbed my hand and said yes. How many other childless spinsters are lucky enough to have that?

How about some pictures.

Quinn didn't want to take off his mask he made in the kids room. Even when he passed out before we made it out of the parking lot. Art is exhausting!

Near the end of the day Sammy started posing like a statue in every gallery we went into. She's too much!

This is titled "Elegant Lady Writing at Her Desk with a Dog Beside Her". As the kids say, #goals.

I made Jarron stand still for 30 seconds so I could arrange the mirrors for this shot. That's a tough thing for him to do but worth it.

The most glorious thing they have at the Getty is this bed. They have a mini version of it in the kids room.

Love these faces

It was such a treat to have Heather and her amazing bangs with us.

And finally, will someone please talk me out of planting bougainvillea. It's such a pain to maintain but I love it so much!

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Valerie said...

I totally agree about the Getty. It's such a pain in the neck to get to, but every time I go, and stare out across the water to Catalina, I think, "THIS is what everywhere in LA should feel like."
It just makes Southern California make sense. People moving there for the first time should have to take a shuttle ride directly from LAX to the Getty. I guarantee LA would be a much classier place.