Friday, June 22, 2007

Those llamas must have great agents

The line that made me snort out loud during my morning on-line newspaper crawl: "(funny, I always thought hickory barky barky was the traditional ark-building material)" Let's hear it for girls camp sing-alongs!

Dear Steve Carell and Lauren Graham:

It’s weird that you’re both in the same movie because you’re both in my two favorite TV shows. The Office is by far the funniest show around. I use it as a litmus test on people I meet. If you don’t like the Office then I can’t be your friend. Not even if you make me brownies. Although that shouldn't deter you from trying to woo me with brownies. And Gilmore Girls, although I think we can all agree that this past season was the equivalent of low fat salad dressing (trying so hard to fool you into thinking it's just like the real thing but you've had the real thing, you know what it's suppose to taste like and this is definitely not it), was the smartest, most charming show on TV for a nice block of years. So here’s my question for you both – why would you do a movie like Evan Almighty, where you will tragically be upstaged by barn yard animals? I've seen the previews and it’s loaded with them. And we all know what animals in movies mean: zany antics.

Have some dignity.

Love, Rachel

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