Friday, June 15, 2007

Trebuchet? Really?

Did you know this font is called "trebuchet"? Note to self: Find out who names fonts and how to get that job. Because if all I have to do is come up with words that really have no correlation to how a font looks than that's the job for me. When I see this font I don't get the sense that it's hurling large, possibly flaming, objects at advancing armies. Although it is a lovely font. And a fine sounding word.

Ahem...Welcome to my blog.

I feel a little foolish having one. Seriously. Who's going to read it? Absolutely no one, unless I tell them about it, which is pretty unlikely for now. But I like to write and there's a wee little corner in my head (yep, my head has corners. I'm not ashamed.) that thinks maybe I should try it out on an audience larger than myself. And maybe having a blog will force me to write more often (So thought every hopeful writer who has ever started a blog). Time will tell, my little imaginary readers.

Things to expect: amusing anecdotes. I've got a million of them. I've met a lot of people who do zany things every now and then and I like to jot them down. I won't put any real names, because that's just mean. Or is the just mean part the jotting down? Guilt will be the judge of that. And beyond amusing anecdotes, pretty much anything because I have a lot of interests. Felt, for instance. I may have the largest collection of felt in the world. Or at least my aparment complex. Either way, I'm pretty proud of it.

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