Tuesday, February 26, 2008

In the Cave with the Other Ne'er Do Wells

Lately I've been having the craziest dreams. Some scary, which is weird because I don't usually have nightmares, but most of them just weird. So weird that they wake me up at 4 am and won't let me go back to sleep because my brain won't shut off. And if I do go back to sleep I just keep having more. For instance, this morning I found myself sentenced to a home for wayward teens that was located in a cave. I don't know what I did to get me in there but it must have been pretty bad because my main duty was to wash the toilets. That was the one that woke me up at 4. And when I briefly made it back to sleep I dreamt that I was on Jeopardy and was getting every answer right. I have now added Long Term Jeopardy Contestant to my list of things I could do with my life.

It will be great to be BFF with Alex Trebeck (Watch for the triumphant return of that awesome mustache. You know you've missed it.) but it does not solve the problem of the 4 am wake up call from my subconscious. I've never been a late sleeper. I'm almost always awake by 7. But 4 is ridiculous.

That being said, I get so much more done in the morning when I do wake up at 4. I got everything done that I needed to do today by noon. Which gave me time to work on Liz W.'s stocking (I'm so close to being done. I just need to add some sparkles to it and your name. Do you want Liz or Elizabeth?) and a few other projects. And I listened to NPR* all afternoon (80!) which will no doubt help me in my Jeopardy quest. I'm going to smoke Ken Jenning's record.

*For all you local NPR listeners: When you hear Patt Morrison on the air do you picture what type of hat she's wearing? I do. I also picture what she looks like without one. I have a feeling she's hiding something from us. I hope it's a unicorn horn.


Laura said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of 4 am! If you can't get to sleep, you can always call me...I'm up!

I can't wait to see Liz's stocking. The suspense!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I cleaned toilets at the dorms during EFY at BYU one summer. It sounds like basically the same thing. You'd be amazed how messy 14-year-old girls can be in the bathroom. (Or maybe not so surprised.) So I'm sorry for your nightmare. That's truly horrific.

Ms. Liz said...

No matter what I always imagine the red tuxedo hat with the wisp of netting attempting to be feminine. Every time. I think its because thats the first hat I saw her in on KCET when I was a lass.

Liz the Poet said...

Oh, nightmares. I've had a recurring one since I was in my early teens. And it always pops up when I'm really stressed out.

I'm not going to tell you what it is because it's embarrassing. But, it includes a bike, a ramp, and Greg Brady.

And for my stoking, Liz is fine. I'm SO EXCITED!

Amanda said...

Okay, Liz you are now required to share by the 'suspenseful story opener law' which states that no one is to begin a really intriguing anecdote only to finish (or start) with 'I can't tell you.'
You must share!!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Apropos that I emailed you my Rachel dream yesterday. Nightmares for me mean that my brain is unwinding. It's like mental detox. So it's a great and terrible thing. Maybe you're detoxing a little?

Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

Rachel, this must be another example about how secretly we are the same person. Just last week I started telling people my career plan is to memorize a bunch of trivia and become a professional game show star! Including Jeopardy! Also, on a note unrelated to your post in anyway, but continuing on weird coincidences, the day you posted your book recommendations I just finished The Eyre Affair, and I loved it.