Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I Voted

I’m going to wave my flag and say that I love to vote. I think it’s so much fun. I love to read over all the initiatives and mark my booklet up. I love going down to the polling place and getting my ballot and going into the booth and checking off all of my choices. And anything that gets me a sticker is pretty high up there in fun. I also love seeing all the people who are there. It feels like a neighborhood block party. A block party run by elderly people. Because it’s always the elderly who work the polls. The 80 year old in me is DYING to help out at a polling place.

Except that it would have to have excellent air flow because have you smelled some of those polling places? Knights of Columbus! Sometimes the conference room by my office is a polling place and everyone who works it looks as if they first got to vote when Polk was running. And because the building wasn’t originally intended for human inhabitants, the ventilation in it isn’t quite powerful enough to get rid of that assisted-living smell they bring with them. This will not stop me however, once the Wealthy Benefactor comes along and I’m a Woman of Elegant Leisure, from volunteering. I'll just bring a fan or something.


Laura said...

Well, I was going to post something patriotic about voting, but maybe I'll have to skip it now. Actually, the average age of people at my polling place was probably 40! I was quite surprised myself. But I was thinking that maybe next time, I'll volunteer and take the day off - just for the experience of it.

Ms. Liz said...

I didn't get the glories of the AARP crew at my polling place. It was in this guys garage and we had the ethnic crew. The average age was about 35 I'd say. It was realy down-homey. And amen for the Sticker Motivation. I think we should apply it to more than voting and blood giving. Seriously.

Amanda said...

I haven't voted yet, but am so excited for my little sticker. I always feel the need to go shopping after voting, so not only do people know I voted, but they might get the bug too.
My favorite place to vote is the Upland Police Station. No smelling folks and absolutely no waiting!
I actually gave them my name to call me to volunteer and they rejected me. No phone call. Maybe you'll have better luck!