Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Random List

1.) Over the weekend I played the organ at a very large gathering of Mormon scout leaders. So I got to see a lot of grown men in khaki shorts and knee high socks. I LOVE those scout socks. They kill me. I also love playing the organ for large congregations of men because men don't hold back on their singing. They turn the volume to high which means I get to turn the volume to high on the organ and use all sorts of really deep stops that maybe wouldn't be so appropriate in a smaller congregation on a Sunday afternoon. The walls shook.

2.) The Cat Woman was wearing booty shorts this morning at the gym. They said "JAMAICA" across the bum. She was also wearing a very low cut tank top. There was only about 20% containment when she was on the step climber. It may have been too much for me that early in the morning.

3.) My computer at work has a virus. The computer geek who was in here working on it kept saying, "Ooooh, you are GOOD!" Like he had found a worthy opponent. The virus ended up being so good that he had to take my whole computer back to his store. I cried a little.

4.) Chiquita and I have been working for the last 6 months to win contracts with various government agencies to provide temps and have been outbid every time. It takes weeks to get these proposals ready and it's very time intensive and we have lost every single one. Until today. We won a huge one. Chiquita came running out of her office with the great news and we did a happy dance and rang our Good News Bell and made plans for going out for tacos later this week. HOORAY!


colleeeen said...

I like to mess with Dan's head by telling him his Scout uniform is sexy. I am not sure he believes me, but obliges me by shaking his head every time I growl at him when he wears it. THANK ALL THAT IS HOLY that he got shifted to EQ so I can retire that schtick for a few years.

Rach said...

I love that you have a Good News Bell. I should get one for my house, so every time someone clicks "like" on my facebook status I can ring it.

I like the scout shorts, too. And the belts.

And could you send all those loud voices my way. I was singing a solo for the opening hymn on Sunday. The people in the 10th row back could hear me from the stand. So embarassing.

Bronwyn James said...

Is there any way we could get a picture of cat woman sometime? I managed to sneak a phone picture of an old woman in the gym wearing a body suit and thigh high leggings, but it really didn't turn out too well. Maybe you could find a way to tap into a security camera for some images?