Friday, September 4, 2009

And the winner is...

Giving things away is fun! And drawings are fun! Until this year my brothers and sisters and I use to draw names to see who we would be buying Christmas presents for. Now we're on a rotation system, which, I suppose is more practical and very grown up. But I'm a little sad that we don't get to have the actual drawing. There's just so much excitement involved. I could have gone to one of those fancy web sites that randomly selects a number for you but I wanted to physically draw a name out of a cup. So that's what I did. I wrote all of your names down on little strips of paper and folded them up and put them in a cup.

And the winner is...


My own sister.

Thus proving that it was, in fact, a completely arbitrary draw. And also incredibly convenient because I think according to the new gift giving system we buy a present for the person just older than us! Merry Christmas, Gina!!!! Or was it just younger than us? Gina, share with Katie. Merry Christmas, Katie!!!!!

Okay, so I'm feel even more generous and drawing names is seriously so much fun, I want to draw another one. So, the second winner of a 1 lb box of See's is...


Yay! I was secretly hoping that it was someone who had never had See's before. I was actually kind of surprised by how many of you hadn't. And then I realized that it's mostly a western states kind of thing which of course made me feel lucky, and a little superior, and really sad for you. And how about this for exotic: Bronwyn lives in Tunisia. Where they definitely don't have See's. She's a diplomat's wife. Now, if that does not just scream Woman of Elegant Leisure I don't know what does. I like to envision her lounging on a chaise in the shade of her fruit trees, the warm Mediterranian breezes gently rustling the edges of her silk caftan. And now I get to picture her delicately picking through a box of chocolates.

So congratulations Gina & Bronwyn! Email me with mailing instructions.

And thanks to all of you for playing along. This was so much fun that I think I'll have give aways more often so stay tuned.


Camille said...

Sad I didn't win, but I love this game! keep them coming

Stephanie said...

Sad. And happy at the same time - chocolate is my weakness and I would have eaten the whole box. That's never a good thing, even with See's.

I'm glad Bronwyn and Gina will be enjoying your lovely box of chocolates.

Really, I am.

Chris said...

Rock On!

Gina said...

Stand up and shout! I'm a winner of a Rachel contest! You like me, you really like me.

Next I want to say that this See's box should not be my Christmas present because I would like to have it on Christmas Eve. Even though, I won't be with the fam this year, I can still present myself some Sees and enjoy them before Santa comes. :)

Thanks, Rachel! You can give it to me when we come for Thanksgiving!

Amanda said...

Gina, I think your actual Christmas present this year will be a holiday sweater! Isn't it your turn to get it back?

I have a See's 1 lb gift certificate to add to the pot. I'll send it to you Rachel for you next chocolate give-away.

Congrats Brownyn. Question: if Rachel mails the chocolate now, will it all melt? Just a thought. It would just be sad to get a box of melted and re-solidifies chocolate. You know how it gets that weird coating on it, when it does that. Yuck.

Bronwyn James said...

I WON?! I have never won anything in my life! Hence, this marks the best day of my life EVER!! Thanks Rachel! I woke Chris up early to tell him the good news. He is equally excited about our prize. Thank you a million times over!

Valerie said...

Are you kidding me? I miss your blog for one day, and I miss the See's drawing?

This is an outrage, Rachel. An outrage.

Luckily, I, myself, and coming to California in short order, and I'm going to buy myself three pounds of See's candy, and then go to your house (by which I mean your parent's house, behind El Rancho), and eat them, just to show you I can.