Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bacon Week

One of the girls at the institute mentioned that she doesn't like bacon.  In fact, she said that she would only eat it if it was on the limp side.  No crispy bacon for her.  So I turned to the other girl in my office for a little support and she shook her head and said that she didn't like bacon either. Did my office just turn into the capital of Jokeland?  And then the other girl said that she didn't think it was so unusual to not like bacon and I said she was crazy and would prove it by taking a poll.

I asked anyone who walked by for the rest of the day and the results were:

Like bacon:  37
Don't like bacon:  2

I thought about asking you but then I decided that would be overkill.  Of course you like bacon.  But if you don't you should let me know because I can pass it on to the two girls and you can all form a lame club for bacon-haters.

Incidentally, this week is my one year anniversary at the Greatest Job Ever.  I celebrated by making us all some nachos today for lunch. And I have dubbed next week Bacon Week.


Mary P said...

Mmm, my new favorite food is Pasta Carbonara. Bacon and peas omnomnom.

Rach said...

I saw roses made out of bacon on Pinterest, and I thought, Now that person's cooking with gas. Brilliant! Of course I pinned it, but there's no way I'm actually going to successfully create them. I'll just slap some bacon on the griddle and gobble it down the old-fashioned way.

Unknown said...