Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chocolate covered bacon

1.  Remember how I took a bacon poll at the Institute?  While discussing the topic in depth one of the girls asked if I had ever tried chocolate covered bacon.  I have, at the fair, natch.  But I was unimpressed simply because of the execution.  It was a chunk of chocolate with a strip of bacon in it.  Low concept, even for the fair.  So I told her that one day we would try it out with a little bit more finesse.  And that day was today.  We fried up some bacon and let it cool and then drizzled melted chocolate over it.  And it was AWESOME. You should try it this weekend as a little Easter treat.

2.  The best compliment I got this weekend came while at the organ on Sunday.  I finished playing the introduction to one of the hymns and looked up to our conductor for the cue and she looked down at me and smiled and said, "You look so cute today," and then proceeded to start the song.  I was giggling like a loon through the whole first verse.

3.  Second best compliment came from my friend Liz who prefaced it like this, "It's going to sound like such an insult." She saw me and Katie walking into the church building for a ward party and thought, "Is that the Knecht girls?  No.  They're not that skinny." That was, of course, before I had several pieces of chocolate covered bacon for breakfast.


Rach said...

1. I had chocolate covered bacon at the same restaurant where I ate a cheeseburger that had a donut as the bun. I wasn't impressed, either. I will try your version after I run to the store and buy a giant slab of bacon.

2. Best time for a compliment ever.

3. Pictures?

Andrea said...

I miss the Knecht girls, and Liz.