Monday, November 4, 2013

And the piccolo, the piccolo

There's something about a marching band, right?  I know you agree with me which is why I'm certain that you won't find it weird the my family goes to this high school band competition every year.  Some people find it weird, but you don't.

Chino High puts it on every November and it's a joy to sit outside on a lovely autumn day and watch high school kids play clarinets and such.  I mean, they're just so awkward.  And they're band kids, which is like another level of awkward.  But also fun.  There is no denying that band kids know how to have fun.

I was never a band kid.  I was a drama kid, which is awkward + annoying.  But they're all part of the same family of nerds.  So I get it.  

We sit right by the Rose Parade judges so that we can get the best view.  The flag girls usually line up right in front of us so we have the opportunity to cheer them on and tell them that the sparkle in their hair looks amazing.  This is also how we got our family motto - hands on hips, smiles on lips - when many years ago we overheard one of the coaches say this to the girls.

We saw a few band romances unfolding as groups would finish up and walk down the street to see the competition.  There was a couple holding hands and then as soon as a group of their friends walked by the boy dropped the girls hand and stood away from her.  Painful! 

During intermission Lindsay and I strolled around campus.  We both commented on how much smaller it seemed.  It's not like I've grown since high school.  I guess I've just seen bigger things.  We pointed out where we took biology and English.  The room where we both took German is gone. Every morning for the first year Herr Baker would say commands to us to see if we could figure them out.  They are basically the only German I remember.  Drehen sie um!  Sitzen sie sich!  Stehen sie auf!


Amanda said...

Remember the year with the parade with the man on the semi with what we thought was a toupee and the women underneath the semi in a wheelchair coma? It is one of my all-time favorite pictures.
I'd give anything to be at a parade with all the Knechts. Perfection!

Stephanie said...

I've been a participant in that parade - playing the piccolo. Parades were always hot and sticky in our cumberbunds, but I loved it when it all came together. fun!

Gina said...

I was caught off guard with this post. Your title got me thinking that maybe this was the first rant about the new Sound of Music production.

But…hooray for the parade. Did you go to the field show comp? And, thanks to Amanda for reminding me about the woman under the flat bed in a wheelchair coma. I maybe laughed out loud.

sarahgurl said...

This is a real rule: No touching in uniform....for mr. Bowden that includes band shirts. So the boy dropping the girls hand was just him saving the relationship so he didn't get told on! I've been called into his office for the talk about respecting the uniform and obviously that can't happen if you are holding hands....
Love, Sarah
Former drum major and head band nerd

Camille said...

Sarah's comment just made my day. I'm sure I caught you many times disrespecting the "band uniform" with your inappropriate hand holding. Scandalous.

Rach said...

You know I'm right with you about the beauty of a band geek gathering. We had plastic cowboy hats for our uniforms that doubled nicely as footstools. And we had kick pleats in our pants that opened up into far out bell bottoms. In 1993. And sequin cummerbunds. And ascots. It was beautiful. We bonded over those uniforms. I loved it. The only downside was that I was playing piccolo so I couldn't check out the cute drummer behind me without breaking form.

sarahgurl said...

Hey at least i sat in the front of the bus not in the back with the suspicious fogged windows. Nasty band nerds