Thursday, October 9, 2014

Punch Bowl Set

1. Lydia had some time to kill between our song practice and a girls night so we went over to the Upland farmers market and looked at antiques and ate empanadas and got a demonstration of some stun guns. The antique shopping made me recommit myself to finding the perfect punch bowl set. You know what I'm talking about right? The glass punch bowl with the little matching cups and the ladle. I firmly believe I cannot become a full-fledged Lady of Elegant Leisure without one. Naturally, Grandma Knecht had at least half a dozen complete sets and I could just kick myself for not snagging one when they were offered. But I was going off to college at the time. How could I possibly have known the significance of a good punch bowl set at that age?

2. Remember how I've told you before that you wear too much perfume? I stand by that. I love you, but you're making the deep recesses of my ears tingle. It is not a good feeling. Anyway, I have a bit of sympathy for you now because, if you can believe it, I have found a perfume that doesn't make me gag. This. While putting it on this afternoon I liked it so much that I wanted to wear more. I refrained, of course, but I get it now. You have my permission to slightly resent me when you're applying your scent and you stop at just one spritz even though you're tempted to do more. Don't do more!!!

3. The classical station is holding their membership drive and today's give away was a CD of 100 Christmas carols which means that they played a lot of them on my drive to and from work. Thus making it the first carols I've heard in the pre-Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas season. And for once I wasn't cranky about it. Normally when I see decorations or hear carols in October I get a little feisty. But this filled me with good cheer and made me rethink my no-carols-til-after-Thanksgiving rule. Merry Christmas, everyone.


Laura said...

I have very strict rules about the timing of holiday decorations/music, etc. I'm glad you have a general rule about that too - don't rethink it.

Halloween decorations cannot go up before 10/1 and must come down no later than the weekend following Halloween.

Thanksgiving decorations may go up immediately following Halloween and must come down by the end of the weekend following Thanksgiving.

Christmas decorations may go up right after Thanksgiving and must come down no later than the weekend following New Year's. Christmas music may begin playing the day after Thanksgiving and should end by 12/31.

If I was the Queen of the World, these would be the official rules.

regular grandma said...

A punch bowl with all the little cups, isn't what it used to be. No one serves punch anymore. I only use mine for Punch Bowl cake, or a really big salad! I am not sure where the glasses are any more.