Sunday, November 30, 2014

Naturally, I have opinions on Christmas trees.

At one point during the Thanksgiving feast we all found ourselves in tears and I thought, well this is exactly how a Knecht party is supposed to be, right. I mean, we laugh and then we cry and then we laugh some more. Which is to say that it was such a lovely day filled with family and pie. And I have many, many things to be grateful for. Family and pie being two of them.

The rest of the weekend has been jammed with Christmas prep. This is going to sound outrageous to you but I'm almost entirely done with my shopping. I know! I'm going to admit that there are many years when I'm still wrapping things up on Christmas eve. But I got brave today and knocked most of it out. Brave because I just really hate shopping. Also, most of the things I'm making for Christmas are also done. You guys, it's not even December yet! I finished Addie and Phoebe's stockings and they are darling. Pictures to follow, after I get back from Utah next week and hand them off. Mom, Lindsay and I are taking a super quick trip up there to meet Phoebe and to see Casey, Kylea, and Addie before they move to Oregon. In case you're wondering, that's now two states I'm in a fight with because people I really love live there instead of here.

What are your feelings on Christmas tree decorations? I am of the opinion that they should be random and quirky. I think it's lovely to have a themed tree with matchy ornaments. But it's more homey and Christmasy to have an assortment of ornaments you've picked up along the way. The only time I've done a themed tree was when I had first moved out and didn't have any decorations except for one giant disco ball ornament so I went out and bought about 50 more disco balls in various sizes and hung them on the wee little tree that I picked up in front of Stater Bros. It was so glorious. But that was many years ago and now I'm bursting with weird ornaments that friends have given me. The Art Society were over this morning and they helped me and Katie decorate the tree. They got a kick out of the weirder ones, like the pig on skis.

This weekend I have watched 3 of my favorite Christmas movies. White Christmas, It's a Wonderful Life, and the Muppets Christmas Carol. Let the month of festivities commence!


Rach said...

Our tree will always be an eclectic collection, because we have our Aunt Claudia ornaments, which are all fabulous and different. Then we have our homemade school ornaments. And added to that are the dollar store ornaments that I bought when we were super poor and I couldn't trust the kids not to break the Aunt Claudia ornaments. It just makes our tree interesting to look at.

Andrea said...

We have a little bit of everything on our tree. There's ornaments from when we were kids, ornaments that we bought from souvenirs from trips taken together, and of course Andrew's hallmark train ornamanets.

I'm so jealous of your brother! What part are they moving to? What a fun place for you to visit. When you do, make sure to visit the test rose garden and Bughatti's restaurant and order the chicken artichoke sandwich. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Laura said...

My tree is a mix of ornaments too. I think it's fun. I have a bunch from my childhood that I've stolen from my mom over the years, and Mike has some that he made as a kid. I love that. However, I do also like the look of a matchy matchy tree too. So, here's what I've decided: When I win the lotto and have a big fancy house with a foyer, I will have a big grand matchy tree there, but have the fun homey one in the family room.