Monday, September 24, 2007

A love that might have been

I had a GREAT time at the fair on Saturday. It was really all that it should be. There were plenty of hysterical friends, including John & Amanda who came all the way from the Frozen North. I almost ran away with a baby pot belly pig. I tried the deep fried Smore (yeah, it was okay, but it needed less batter and more graham cracker. And it needed to be on a stick. Everything should be on a stick at the fair.) I won a stuffed animal by popping a balloon with a dart (I named him Steve after the carny who ran the game.) And even though it rained it only added to the adventure. At one point we were caught in a sudden down pour and it was just like in a movie, everyone screaming and running for cover (Note: this never happens here. Certainly not in September. Oh, California, you are so tricky!). Had it been a romantic comedy starring Kirsten Dunst and Luke Wilson it would have been the tail end of a fun fair montage chronicling the first date of Suzy, a klutzy dog groomer who has trouble finding non-jerks to date, and Mike, a sensitive but commitment-phobic gym teacher. They would have spent the whole day laughing and falling in love. He would have acted silly by making a beard out of her cotton candy. She would have tripped over one of those giant wagons that parents pull their kids around in and looked adorably frazzled by it. Then the down pour would come and they'd scramble under the grand stand cover and and he'd make his move by putting his arm around her shivering shoulders and go in for the kiss. (Even though I'm a sucker for the romantic comedy I would not see this one because Kirsten Dunst generally ruins movies for me. I haven't cared for her ever since Little Women, where she played Young Amy the Tramp.)

But the rain did ruin one thing. There was a break in the storm and we decided to run over to the Big Yellow Slide only to find that it was closed. Closed! As in, no slide for us. And then the rain started up again and made the whole thing really pathetic. We all just stood there in giant puddles, hoods up, blinking back tears and sighing heavily. Heather was able to collect herself and convince us all to get under the tiki hut awning but it didn't ease the pain. We were certainly in the depths of despair.

That's how I ended up on the Cyclone. Yes, my friends, I broke my rule of not going on carny rides and went on one with Laura and Cindy. We needed some serious cheering up and nothing does that better than challenging death and winning. It was one of those spinny rides where you actually have to work, like the tea cups, only it's attached to this arm that's flings you around in the air. I could completely visualize the arm detaching from the ride and the three of us flying into the duck ring toss booth. I thought, "Well, at least it would be something to write about. Especially if I throw up." You see, in my wild youth I would have loved a ride like this but since I turned 80 the old gut can't handle much more than a merry-go-round. And yet I was totally fine. No death or vomitting at all. I looked Death and Old Age in the face and laughed!

It was a good day at the fair.


Ms. Liz said...

I heard about your tragedy!!! I think thats worse that finding out you're allergic to dairy. If you want to brave the beta model of the Big Slide at Scandia I'm your Huckelberry. :D

Laura said...

Oh...good times (except for the big gaping hole in my day (and in my soul) that was the tragedy of the closed big yellow slide).

You forgot to mention the tasty balsamic vinegar experience! I bought some yummy bread and have had two meals out of it so far!

Next year, I'm going to the fair and spend ALL DAY on the slide! Although, I might have to take a quick break to eat some weird fried stuff!

Katie said...

Ditto about Kirsten Dunst. For some reason I can't even handle her in a movie. Maybe it was young trampy Amy (who did have an ugly nose), I don't know. I just don't enjoy her at all.

Laura, I'm in for the day on the slide. It's funny, because when Rachel first mentioned it, I was totally neutral to the idea. But then when I got to the fair and saw the slide and burlap sacks to ride on, all the childhood memories started flooding back and I knew I had to ride it. Curse the rain! (I really love the rain, but I had to blame it on something -- I totally just channeled Milli Vanilli) Maybe curse the carnies who decided to close it. They had bungee jumping in the rain, why not the slide?

Heather said...

Ladies--thank you for the wonderful day!!!I Love the fair! ...Sorry I ditched you for a while, but I had family responsibilities. :-) I am now converted to the chocolate milk.
Its funny that we both thought of an imaginary romantic moment in the rain. I did too, except mine was under the "Hotdot on a Stick" umbrella where I was hiding from the down pour.

Laura said...

I forgot to comment on trampy Amy. I feel the same way about Samantha Mathis since she's the one that actually stole Laurie away and then has the NERVE to ask Jo "do you mind at all?" Come on!!

Sorry - I needed a moment.