Monday, September 17, 2007

A Tally

A tally of Saturday:

Miles logged: 214
Venues where I sang Valderee Valderah: 2
Oktoberfests we stumbled upon: 1
Elks we saw: Just 1 but it would have been higher if we had remembered our membership cards.
Traffic jams I found myself in after midnight: 2
Handicap spots I parked in: 1
Times I had to turn around to get up the mountain: 2
Minutes we waited at the intersection at Highland before we could turn left: 14
Amount we paid for that miraculous parking space: $25
Amount we would have paid if he had asked: $75
Times I thought apricot stilton cheese was made by angels in heaven: 18
Wishes I made that Carol Channing would adopt me: 5
Times I thought that anyone who doesn't live here is a chump: about 100.

Such a lovely day.

A few words on Pink Martini at the Hollywood Bowl. Yahoo, hooray and wowie! If you weren't there then you have no idea what fun actually is. There were several times throughout the show that I thought my only viable option for happiness would be to rush the stage and beg them to let me please, please, pretty-please be in their group and have fun with them forever. I'll be a back up dancer! I'll schlep the harp around! I can play the kazoo and make brownies for everyone! When they were playing Bolero and the fireworks were going off my face exploded from smiling so much. Those two post-bedtime traffic jams didn't even faze me.


Ms. Liz said...

And oh what wonderment I still have. I will send you your's and Hannah's Elks pic as soon as I dig out my cable (which will be tonight). I will also drop by your salad dressing and platter.
*the horseies at the auction go ohmm plop plop ohmm plop plop*

Heather said...

I always love your lists! I'm also jealous of all the fun you guys have! It's almost enough to make me stop volenteering on saturdays!

Maija said...

Rac's lurking cousin here. She introduced me to your blog (and by introduced I mean had a link on her blog) and I love it. It keeps me entertained when I'm surrounded by ornery (have you looked up the etymology on that one? You probably have, but if you haven't I think you might enjoy it-judging from your blog. I looked it up on the OED and am not certain if other dictionaries will do it justice) coworkers and have nothing to do. Anyway, the reason I'm rambling through this comment is because I originally started reading your blog backwards and came across your request for musical selections and thought, 'I bet she would like Pink Martini', but being the lurking cousin of a friend that I am decided not to say anything because it was past post (I really like the way that sounds being the alliteration geek that I am) and I'm a lurker (yes, I know you asked us to comment but I'm a defiant soul). I decided to start your blog from post one since you were making references to past posts (still love the way that sounds) and came across your reference to Pink Martini so now I don't feel guilty for not feeling guilty about defying your lurker posting request. Anyway, I just rambled on endlessly to say that I judged aright. It's nice to be right sometimes, and it's especially important to tell it to people you don't really know in as long a way possible.

Maija said...

By the way, I completely understand about how incredibly fun Pink Martini is. I went to a concert of theirs in Park City and had the biggest smile on my face the whole time (and a huge wish that I were the lead singer instead). It helped that I went with a boy who actually wanted to crazy dance with me the whole concert.