Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Greasy McGreaster

I think I may have forgotten to rinse out the conditioner from my hair this morning in the shower. Which is truly unfortunate as I always put in an additional leave-in conditioner just before drying my hair. I put it in and then started drying and noticed that after a while my hair felt a little strange and still looked really wet. And it was...wet with grease. It looks like I used Crisco as a styling gel. Classy. The really tragic part is that I was already dressed and had done my make-up and didn't have time to fix it. So I did what any girl does in this situation, I put it back in a ponytail and let a wide headband solve the problem of my rather slick bangs.

In other news - I am now in the felt bookmark business over at Etsy. It really only makes sense. I have more felt than anyone on the planet and few things make me happier than a good bookmark.


Amanda said...

I couldn't be happier that you have so much on your Etsy page. Just waiting for the paychecks now!!
I love, love, love the letter bookmarks!

Laura said...

I can't wait to go look at Etsy!!

And, may I ask, how is that felt collection looking these days? Is it still neatly stacked in rainbow order? If not, I may have to come over there!!

NunYoze said...

Three and one consonant things.
1)It would be nice to have a brief description or photo showing how the bookmarks hold because saying they have a magnetic clip doesn't tell the consumer how cool they are. It's too vague.

2) What are the birds for? Perhaps a couple of shots showing how they tastefully decorate a bookshelf (or...to go with the reading tools theme...what about bird bookends? They'd be weighted enough to keep books up and felt helps them from sliding!)

3)What about a felt dealio that resembles an old school/rustic birdseed bag? Or a bunch of cats/dogs (these consumers are fanatical...fits with the old lady persona...)

3b. No offense intended.

Nun Yoze

Ms. Liz said...

Laughed at the "shusssh!" one for a good 5 minutes. You're my favorite.