Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Why Saturday was AWESOME

1.) General Conference (check out the fam's blog for thoughts on it)
2.) Bacon
3.) I have taken on a Zen attitude towards sewing zippers and it has paid off. Eventually I'll get a good picture of these bags I'm making so I can show you, and then put them up on Etsy for you to buy which will then support my Life of Elegant Leisure and I can quit my job and spend all day making more silly things for you to buy and writing funny posts for you to read, both of which will bring immense joy and enlightenment to your life. See, this was a momentous day for all of us.
4.) Thanks to the America's Test Kitchen cookbook (or, as I like to call it, The Sweet Miracles from Above Cookbook. I'm not kidding when I say that everything I have cooked out of it has turned out perfect.) I finally made a loaf of bread that was a.) delicious and b.) light and fluffy but sturdy enough to cut and use for sandwiches and c.) nice to look at. I've had problems with making yeasty breads in the past (problems meaning they hate me and are constantly belittling me and calling me names.) but I put my faith in the cookbook and after several not so patient hours of rising and kneading and rising and kneading my apartment was filled with the sweet smell of warm bready goodness, just in time to enjoy a slice while I watched...
5.) The Dodgers win! Wasn't that awesome?! You are going DOWN Philadelphia. Down to Chinatown!
6.) I went to sleep with the pitter-patter of rain on my window. Rain! When was the last time we had a good rain here? Um...maybe 1987.
7.) All those fantastic music suggestions. I knew you would come through for me. Maybe I'll make you a mixer.


themayerfamily said...

I think it really was the perfect day. And I must comment on the Test Kitchen cook book. I have had the very same experience. Ps, have you tried the french toast? It is THE best with home made bread(use the Challah bread recipie) YUUUUMMM!!!(I know you hate three exclamation points, but I think here it is apropriate)

Andrea said...

Maybe you should make me a mixer, I'm still waiting for mine.

Gina said...

If it is a "sweet miracle" cookbook, it had to be written by Marilyn Witt, because everything is a sweet miracle to her. I wish you could hear her say it. It's for real!

Stephanie said...

I love the America's Test kitchen cookbook. I have never had a recipe go bad when I've used their techniques.

I read cookbooks like novels, though. I snuggle with them in my bed and fall asleep with visions of the perfect yellow cake.