Thursday, October 2, 2008

I've got music

A while ago I asked for book recommendations and I was THRILLED with the response. You all really came through for me - it has been a great year of reading - and I owe you a stick of gum and a firm handshake. But now I need your help again. This time with music because I find that I'm stuck in a rut. I haven't purchased any new music in ages and I miss it. I have a bunch of gift cards (Borders, Amazon, iTunes) that I'm eager to spend and I've decided to use them all on music. Why not books? That's a story for a later date.

So your assignment (And this is for everyone. And I really do mean everyone. Including lurkers. I'm counting on you. Yes, you! Do not be afraid. We're friends. Or friends of friends.) leave a comment with the name of an album you think I would like. Or even an album that you like and you think I should give a listen to. My tastes are broad and there's a good chance I'll like it - as long as it's not Garth Brooks. I have standards. And if you're feeling like an AP blog commenter, tell me why you like it. I'm genuinely curious.


Nicole said...

Just one album?? I will give you a few. Some you may have heard, some are not new, but these are all worth a listen:

Coldplay - Viva La Vida
Missy Higgins - On A Clear Night
Regina Spektor - Begin to Hope
Young Love - Too Young to Fight It
O.A.R. - All Sides
Matt Nathanson - Some Mad Hope
Jason Mraz - We sing we dance we steal things

Kelly said...

Ingrid Michaelson is awesome.

Jenny said...

Any album by Jack Johnson because they all make me happy.
Make Believe by Weezer
In Rainbows by Radiohead (much less weird than the last several albums)
Are you ready for this? Nickel Creek's self-titled album and their second, This Side. Wowee. True musicianship. And it's bluegrass, so that would fit in your "try anything" mantra.

Heath'e' said...

I love music and would be a music junkie if I had money to feed my fix! Some of my absolute favorites for the moment are: The Fray, One Republic, Travis (any album,they rock!),Adele(song hometown glory). Happy music hunting!

samandholly said...

The Charlatans UK: You cross my path
Teenage Fanclub: Bandwagonesque
Mogwai: Young Team

Ms. Liz said...

Greg Laswell - Three Flights from Alto Nido.
AP Moment: I love this album because 1) I love Greg's voice. 2) Hes a brilliant guy and does ALL his own writing orchestration and instruments so its totally and completely HIM. 3) His writing is gorgeous and layered as much as the music is and 4)its still catchy.

I have to echo the Ingrid Michaelson recommendation. Boys and Girls is phenomenal and the Radiohead pitch. In Rainbows in one of the best in 7 years.

Coldplay's Viva La Vida works but I am really liking Death Cab for Cutie's Narrow Stairs more. This little album keeps giving and giving and I think its because of the writing as well. And finally some honest orchestration in pop music! Thank you!

For shameless driving to the beach kind of fun AFI's December Underground is loverly and Paramore's Riot!. Haleigh's voice is one of the best female rock voices to come along in a while.

The Last Kiss and Garden State Soundtracks are a must if you haven't embarked already too.

I really need to stop because I could go on and on. Happy listening and let me know if you want to peruse my iTunes

Andrea said...

Reading the above comments I'd have to agree with Jason Mraz's most recent (especially tracks #2 & 3) and Nickle Creek. Those two don't get to spend a lot of time on my CD shelf! :)

Taylor Family said...

OK, so how about some jazz? Here are some names for you, more than CD's.

Michael Buble- Frank Sinatra style, only fresher. Some old standards along with original songs.Favorite tracks from various discs: Feeling Good (I play this in the morning to make myself feel good-I'm not a morning person), Home, Everything, Sway.

Victor Wooten- Bass player with some pretty cool stuff. Check out his version of Norwegian Wood.

Take 6- Way fun mostly acapella group with songs like David & Goliah, Spread Love, Gold Mine.

I could go on, but I should just go:)

Chris said...

I think my all-time favorite album is Rusted Root-When I Woke. It's got great energy and a nice variety, however I think I can only understand about 50% of the lyrics. Still, I love it!

I can confirm that Ingrid Michaelson, O.A.R., and Matt Nathanson are also great.

I'm sure you've heard MIKA. He's good, but he sounds like a "shim". "Grace Kelly" and "Love Today" are fun though.

If you're interested in some Jazz, I love Jane Monheit. Her voice is beautiful. Half of her songs are in English and the rest are in Portuguese, so Dad and Casey would be proud.

Anonymous said...

Someone already mentioned Missy Higgins. I saw her at a folk music festival this summer and she was spectacular. I would highly recommend Amos Lee. All of his albums are excellent, but his most recent, Last Days At The Lodge, is beautiful and he used some of the most highly regarded studio musicians around (like Pino Paladino on drums who plays in the John Mayer Trio.) Amie Mann's latest album, Smilers, is also one of my recent faves. I've been interested in Dallas Green's recent album under the name of City and Colour (can't remember the name of it at the moment.) It's very, very good. Music and books...doesn't get any better.

Rach said...

I'm with Jenny on everything, especially Weezer, Make Believe. It's one of the very few CDs I own that I listen to in its entirety. And of course I would be remiss in leaving out Bon Jovi Crossroads, because everyone could use a little feel-good hair band music to pep up their day. I've also recently discovered Panic at the Disco, but have only heard a few of their songs. Kind of fun! I like that you can pick and choose on itunes and just get the good stuff, which is what Tim has done for his ipod, and I have fallen in love with MIKA (the songs that were mentioned in someone else's post). As for buying entire albums, I would stick with a great band like Weezer. Or Pearl Jam Ten is a great classic. You could also invest in a few comedians. I recommend Brian Regan and Mike Burbiglia. Both clean and hilarious. Who couldn't use a laugh on the way to work?

Erin said...

Ok. I'm a lurker. I found you through Tamar Mandarino's blog. I guess the time had to come to admit it.

I agree with Jack Johnson. I am, however, a country music fan. Not so much Garth as Brad Paisley. I'm wondering now if you have to be from the sticks to understand/appreciate his lyrics...

Anyway, I think your blog is hilarious. The receptionist at my office also reads it...double lurkers.

Tammy said...

The above music recommendations are great. i had to think for a while what else I could add. Classics I love are The John Lennon Collection , The Best of George Harrison, Billy Joel vol1-3, I am Sam sound track, Sarah McLachlan, umm.. their are so many but i guess you wanted newer music... my favorite new cd is Jakob Dylan's solo album Seeing Things, it is folky goodness.

Unknown said...

Three recommendations I have are anything by Ella Fitzgerald, Hopes and Fears by Kean and Fall Changes by Chris Bergson. In the interest of full disclosure, Chris is my brother-in-law, but this album was very favorably reviewed in MOJO. :)

Ms. Liz said...

You need to check out Frou Frou's Details too. Imogen Heap's solo album is great too "Speak for Yourself". Totally awesome.

colleeeen said...

gut instincts:

rock: white stripes eponymous first album.

sad & pretty: devics

country: gillian welch

cello rock: rasputina. not "perilous world" or "frustration plantation" - not good starter albums.

possible all-time favorite: "in the aeroplane over the sea" by neutral milk hotel.

Bronwyn James said...

I'm a huge Joshua Radin fan. Why? Because Ellen likes him. He sang at her wedding. I really only discovered him last week because I am at home all day and Ellen had him perform, and she has the only quality daytime television show, unless you count Tyra for the sheer "this is so stupid I can't believe people are really like this" factor, but she is on at the same time as Bonnie Hunt who I have come to enjoy quite a bit, so my "let's gawk at Tyra" activities are now limited to America's Next Top Model, which, let's be honest, is plenty of Tyra for a week anyway.

Joshua Radin, "Simple Times". You'll love it.

Gloria said...

Hi Rachel!
My music suggestions would be the new album by Gavin Rosdale "Wanderlust" and Sara Bareilles "Little Voice"
Hope you like them too!

Liz the Poet said...

Man, somehow I missed this post…

You have some FANTASTIC suggestions, but I hope it’s not too late to add my opinions!

I am an eclectic music listener—so, my choices might be a little random:

If you want something smooth, dreamy, and warm—get Oren Lavie, “The Opposite Side of the Sea”.

If you want something funky, odd, and dance worthy—get Kenna, “Make Sure they See My Face.”

If you want something that you’ll sing along too, even though it’s in another language that you’re not fluent in, but feels like you are—get Riek, “Sequencia.”

I’ll stop here.

courtney said...

who said neutral milk hotel's "in the aeroplane over the sea"?! amen!
but not knowing what you like, miss rachel, i name two guys i defy anyone not to love:

1. andrew bird (favorite: "the mysterious production of eggs"). he whistles and loops his violin, and in one song he convinces me the end of the world won't be so bad because there will be snacks, and that makes me think of food storage.

2. m. ward (favorite solo album: "post war"). everything he does is spectacular, including his collaborations with jenny lewis ("rabbit fur coat"--i love this!) and zooey deschanel (she & him, "volume 1". no, really, zooey deschanel. it's like a.m. gold, and it makes me think of after school specials in the early 80's and "are you there, god? it's me, margaret").

flossem said...

ok so i figured i would finally leave a comment aflter lurking for a while as well. but i am glad someone finally mentioned Andrew bird,he is well fabulous!!! i agrree with the above mmysteroius production of eggs is my fav. if you fancy him you should also check out sufjan stevans they are a lil less main stream but will rock your socks!

flossem said...

oh, and please excuse my grammar. al the rules go out the window when i'm on the internet.

Mr. Hall said...

ok, I'm really late to this game-the 9th inning of a 12-0 blowout and all the seats are empty, if that analogy will work for you, but I've shown up regardless. . .

I'll name a few in the event that you get too many gift cards for Christmas!


Alexi Murdoch--Time Without Consequence

Amiina--Kurr (an Icelandic band--a feminine version of Sigur Ros).

Band of Horses--Everything all the Time

Camera Obscura--Let's Get out of this Country

Club 8--The Boy Who Couldn't Stop Dreaming

Death Cab For Cutie--Plans

Feist--Let it Die

Gus Gus--Forever

I'm From Barcelona--Let Me Introduce My Friends

Jeff Buckley--Grace

Jose Gonzales--In Our Nature

Kings of Convenience--Riot on an Empty Street

Magne f--Past Perfect Future Tense

New Order--Waiting for the Sirens Call

The Radio Dept.--Lesser Matters

Royksopp--Melody A.M.

The Sundays--Static and Silence

Telepopmusik--Angel Milk

ok, so I just through a lot of albums out there. . . I guess this is a double-header. . .