Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Baseball Like/Don't Like

The post-season is upon us and I feel like it is time for a little lesson in Baseball Like/Don't Like. I'm feeling really great about this post-season for many reasons:

1.) The Dodgers are in it.
2.) The Yankees are not in it.
3.) The Angels are in it.
4.) Every other team in it, with the exception of Tampa Bay, I like (I'll explain later about TB). Even the yet to be decided ALC is great because I like both the White Sox and Minnesota. Although I'm rooting for Minnesota.

Let me explain.

There are teams that I love (The Dodgers, #1 in my heart 4-ever; followed by the Angels) and then teams that I hate (the Yankees, the Giants, the Braves). But then there are all these other teams that for whatever reason, I either like or I don't like based on a myriad of factors.

In general I like to stick with the National League because they don't have the designated hitter. The DH is for sissies. I also like to stick with teams that have been around for a while. I am very suspicious of teams who were created during my lifetime, like the Diamondbacks. And I don't like teams from Florida. Or Texas. Or other parts of California. If you're keeping score that's 3 strikes for Tampa Bay (AL, new team, Florida). I also don't like the Padres just for the fact that they have changed their colors a few times and are now using blue and white. I would like to point out to the Padres that there is already a Southern California team using blue and white. And I would like to point out to the Angels (even though I'm a fan) that there is already a Southern California team using LA in their name.

I like to root for old-timey teams like the Pirates. Or teams that haven't won a World Series in a long time, like the Cubs (It's just a shame that the Dodgers have to stand in their way this year. Sorry Cubs.) Or the scrappy underdog. Or enemies of enemies like Boston. Or teams from funny places like Minnesota (for some reason Minnesota seems totally hilarious. I think it's their accent. I spoke with a gal from there on the phone this morning and she kept saying, "Okay" with a really thick accent and it had me rolling.) Or who's on the team - there was a time a few years back when I liked most of the players on the Yankees and only hated the team out of principle. And then there's always the gut. If I like a team, just because, then I think that's a perfectly valid reason to root for them if none of these other factors come into play.

So, once the Mets were out of the running (I also don't like the Mets...just because.) and I saw the match-ups for the post season I felt really good about October. I can root for all the teams, once Tampa Bay goes back to Florida, and be happy with whomever wins.You're all welcome to come over and watch a game with me. Bring chocolate. And if the Dodgers make the World Series, be prepared for a big hullabaloo.

* 5.) At the end of it Camille comes home from her mission. Wahoo!


Tammy said...

I will be thinking blue!

Ginger said...

Dad will be so proud of you when he reads this. My heart is beating BLUE.

Go Dodgers!!!

Andrea said...

Can I tell you how excited I am for the Dodgers?! I work in an office full of Diamondback fans. They were always giving me a hard time about the Dodgers...until the Diamondbacks started losing! Now I rub it in all the time. And I love driving around AZ with a Dodger license plate rim. Ha ha Diamondbacks! Go Dodgers!!!

Liz the Poet said...

I read this post, twice. I think it's in some kind of code language as I didn't have a clue about half the stuff you were talking about.

We need to have a baseball tutorial!

colleeeen said...

did you know that i am a dodger curse? i cannot watch them play or they will lose. i have never witnessed them win a game. once, i just drove by a stadium where they were playing (san diego) and they lost. so i don't ever watch them play, because i want them to win. isn't that sad?

Gina said...

I'm torn because I bleed blue as well, and it's been so long since they've won. However, not even Grandpa was alive when the Cubbies won the WS...and so for the love of the game, I would love to see them win. What's a fan to do?!

Rach said...

I love that you love baseball so much. I've never made it through an entire baseball game. I usually start cursing baseball when it messes with my other TV shows. But I understand your passion, because that's how I feel about college football. (See my family blog--I can't help but talk about the Cougars--sorry UCLA fans, not so sorry USC fans, because I detest Pete Carroll. Plus now BYU is in the top 10, and I've been waiting for USC to be called overrated for 4 years now.) Anyway, I'll cheer for the Dodgers just because you're my friend, and it's important to me that my friends are happy.

dad said...

My eyes are moist as I write this - tears of joy and gratitude for your clear thinking. This really is your greates post ever. It is sensible and true. I don't think you can top it. Perhaps you shouldn't even try.

Laura said...

This Laura Lewis (Stacy's BFF). I read your blog occasionally and I am usually laughing as I read. I really love this post and how you have thought this all through and I just want to say...I agree! I am a big fan of the Dodgers. When 2 other teams are playing that I don't really care about I usually root for the underdog or whichever team has a better looking uniform. I also want to say that when I was little my Dad told me that the teams in the AL were all minor league teams and they were no good. I totally believed him and to this day I don't really like the AL. So thanks for the post, it is a good way to start of the playoffs.

Amanda said...

All I have to say is "Double-Play"

Katie said...

Amanda - still one of my greatest memories of a baseball game -- ever! Go Dodgers!