Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Further Tales from the Pod

1.)  Two days ago I referred to the strange morning we had at the Pod.  It was this:  a creeper was calling the office and saying nasty things to the receptionists and so we had to get security involved and keep the door locked all day because we weren't seeing patients.  If only I had had the foresight to bring my nun chucks to work that day.  We all would have felt a whole lot safer. 

2.)  I blame my big butt on one of the doctors who is constantly bringing in food (this morning:  empanadas) and taking us out to lunch (yesterday:  Thai).  I have never worked in an office with so much food.

3.)  A woman came in yesterday who was telling us about her two bouts with breast cancer.  One in each.  She's had one removed and reconstructed and the other has been biopsied to the hilt.  She let us in on their names:  Miss Perky and Droopy Snoopy.  HA!

4.)  The other day one of the girls walked into an exam room to check on a patient, an older lady, and caught her stealing a rather expensive pair of tissue nippers.  She was tucking it up her coat sleeve. The whole thing was taken care of and the lady didn't seem the least bit embarrassed by it. Which, naturally, made me think of Seinfeld.


Wendy said...

I have some questions. 1) What did the girl say to the clepto patient? "Excuse me, you seem to have a pair of tissue nippers up your sleeve. I believe those belong to our office - unless you always carry yours with you?" 2) What ARE tissue nippers anyway? 3) And why would she want them?

Rach said...

I second the question, what are tissue nippers? Also, if anyone can come up with a Seinfeld reference for any and every situation, it is a Knecht. Empenadas sound really good to me right now, even though I don't really know what they are because I've never had one. I just know they're food.

Rachel said...

Tissue nippers are used to cut off dead skin, primary when diabetics and the elderly are having their regular nail trimming. You can buy them at beauty supply stores but these are hosptial grade and are super sharp and expensive. When our girl saw her shoving them up her sleeve she said, "Would you like me to clean up the skin on your feet?" and she took them away from the patient.

And Rac, Empenadas are little bread pockets stuffed with meat and veggies. They are super yummy.

Rach said...

I was imagining something to do with Kleenex on the tissue nippers. And now I really want some empanadas.

Anonymous said...

This short-sighted woman didn't even go for the stethescope (sp mutilation?) or pockets full of rubber gloves? Nobody reads anymore.