Monday, April 25, 2011

The One Butt Kitchen

Katie and I call our kitchen a One Butt Kitchen because that's about all it has room for.  We cannot open the refrigerator and the dishwasher at the same time.  In fact, in order to open the dishwasher we have to move the trashcan.  It is wee.  But even though it is the clown car of kitchens it does have some magic.  Namely, two ovens.  Yep.  Two people can barely fit in there, but two ovens?  Bingo!

Both ovens came in handy on Saturday when we had to bake for both Easter and a dessert auction our ward was having that night to raise money for youth camps.  We were up to our eyeballs in baked goods.  Between the two of us we made a german chocolate cake, a strawberry cream cake, a chocolate peanut butter pie, a chocolate bundt cake (which was named Too Much Chocolate Cake - as if) and banana nut bread.

Katie's - natch.  They're the pretty ones

The banana bread wasn't for anything in particular - we just had rotting bananas and also, this is not our first dessert auction.  I have found that when we spend all day baking only to come home without anything I get a little punchy.  The banana bread was preemptive.
Later that night, to celebrate the success of the auction, we decorated eggs:


And then rolled around in all the money that was brought in. 

Not true - Katie just counted it.  And we marvelled once again at how generous and awesome our ward is.


Laura said...

Wow! That sounds pretty much like a dream come true for me - all those baked goods - especially since I started a diet on Saturday. Rats!

Andrea said...

You have me itching to bake now. Problem is, I can't bake as good as you and Katie.

Just so you know, whenever I dye Easter eggs I always think of you and Amanda. Remember the great dye spill of 2004? And then remember the great miracle of the stain coming out of the carpet? Good times!

Rachel said...

Andrea - how could I forget that egg dyeing adventure. I never worry about spilling dye now because I still have the miracle carpet cleaner.

Karina & John Calderwood said...

I was pretty jealous when my parents said your fam was coming over for Easter dinner. Now I am even more jealous. Those desserts look amazing.

Valerie said...

We also have a dessert auction coming up. I'm debating between cake and cinnamon rolls (pies are for chumps . . .sorry).

Also, as a lassie who washes her own dishes, your dishwasher and two ovens sound like the lap of luxury.

Rach said...

2 ovens. Glorious! I am pretty horrible at making cakes, but if I had 2 ovens, I could make huge batches of cookies. HUGE! And when I think of Easter egg dying I always think back to the Moon days and our Easter egg dye paintings that took a week to dry. Good times.