Friday, July 15, 2011

Movies to cry along to.

I went to see Harry Potter 7.2 tonight and to say that I cried a lot of tears is to say that Niagara Falls drops a lot of water.  It was a wet-land preserve in that theater.  Algae started to form in the pools around my feet.  A loon swooped down and snagged a fish.  Some guy was offering air-boat tours.  You get the picture.  There was a point in it when I was nearly in convulsions attempting to contain the sobbing and howling and renting of clothes.  At the end of it Lindsay, Katie and I all agreed that we can't remember a time of such sustained crying. 

What I'm saying is:  I loved every bit of the movie and can't wait to put myself through all of that again.

After we had taken several very deep breaths and began the discussion part of the evening we tried to think of where this would fall in the Pantheon of Movies That Make Us Weep. For me it is pretty high up there.  Most movies just contain a scene or two:  when Shelby dies in Steel Magnolias, when Matthew dies in Anne of Green Gables, the attic scene in Shadowlands, the end of Million Dollar Baby.  But I could basically add the entire last hour of this movie to the list.  Naturally my sentiment for the entire series and my inclination to cry at everything makes me more weepy than the average girl but I was not exaggerating about those convulsions.  (It was Snape, by the way.  Sweet Land of Liberty!  That part did me in.)  Incidentally, we were shocked at the lack of sniffling we heard.  Were we the only ones losing it?  Can people really make it through this film and not shed a single tear? 

Questions:  Do you cry at movies or do you not have a soul?  And also, what movie would you add to the list.  Do not say Twilight.


Brooke said...

Armageddon is the only movie that's ever made me cry.

Valerie said...

Um. I didn't cry. Though, in fairness, I may not have a soul.

I'm just not a big crier.

This was a close one, though. I did get choked up. Man alive was this a good movie.

Um, also, I can't remember the last movie that made me cry. Seriously, I'm dead inside.

Tammy said...

Harry Potter 7.2 is awesome, and I too cried, I had to clean my glasses a few times to be able to see.

I am a big crier , even through movie trailers. I just recently watched titanic again and cried alot.

Rach said...

I haven't seen it yet (I'm dying!), but my friend that isn't a crier said she cried quite a lot, too. Which means I need to bring an entire case of kleenex. I am already a crier, and the pregnancy hormones make it so once I get going I really can't stop, and things that normally make me sniffle a little make me sob. This means trouble, to be sure. I'm sure my husband will pretend he doesn't know me as I'm escorted in a torrent of violent sobs out of the theater at the end of the movie (because I won't be able to walk out my own).

2 movies that are guaranteed to make me cry (besides the ones you listed) are "The Spitfire Grill" and "A Walk to Remember" (which I own, but haven't watched since I bought it because it makes me cry so darn much).

Stephanie said...

I loved, loved, loved the movie - and I got choked up at the Snape part (especially what we saw in the Pensieve). I don't cry much at movies unless I am in a crying mood, which is usually never. I suppose I don't have a soul . . . sad.

Andrea said...

I'm a crier. Lately the only movies I've seen in a theater have been with my nieces, but I still cried with them. It's pretty embarrassing when you walk out crying after seeing 'Toy Story 3' and 'Ramona and Beezus'.

Johanna said...

When Mufasa dies in the lion king...gets me EVERY TIME.

Jeanette said...

All the scenes you listed - when I read them - I started tearing up just thinking about the scenes! I too am a crier - cheesey commercials, little house on the prarie, pretty much anything!

I havent seen Harry Potter 7.2 yet but I can imagine the tears will be in abundance!

I want to go watch Shadowlands now - I love that movie!

Susan said...

The first movie I ever cried at was Beaches. I was 11 years old and my mom took me to the theater in Riverside at the Tyler Mall. I teared up and spilt a few, but I was SOOOO embaressed and I didn't want my mom to know I was crying. I played it cool, wiped the tears nonchalantly. I don't think she ever knew.

Mariah said...

A walk to remember FOR SURE. I sobbed in that one. An s'more recently I shed a tear in toy story 3, I'll admit. I had a couple soul-less years when i didnt cry at anything, after Full House used to choke me up as a teenager. But then something changed and now I cry in most movies.

Maija said...

Finding Neverland. I bawl every time.

Jayne said...

I hate to admit this but I think I've only watch the first Harry Potter movie... Have I missed anything?

dare I sign my name?

Amanda said...

For a long time I never got why people say that Steel Magnolias is so sad. How on earth, you ask? Well, I had never seen the scene where Shelby dies. I think I watched it about 4 times and each time somehow missing that scene. I finally saw it and was a crumpled mess on the floor! Shadowlands is by far the saddest for me, but I agree about Finding Neverland too. I always scream at her not to go through the door!!!

The Other Mary said...

I cried, oh yes I did.

My convulsion movies (that I can remember)are: Maytime (Jeanette MacDonald & Nelson Eddy), Dancing at Lughnasa, and The Notebook (Don't judge! My grandma took care of my memory wiped/physically and mentally handicapped grandpa for 15 years so it hit a little too close to home!)

Lou Ellen said...

Toy Story 3 - ack, heart-string-tugging explosion of sobs

A.I. - where he relives just one day, when he's real and with his mother, don't even get me started~

An old one...The Color Purple...sobbed so much, I cried on the way home, I cried for a couple of days

True Grit - the language is so beautiful at the end, it's heart wrenching, not heart breaking

I can't see The Notebook, I can't see The Kite Runner, I can't see The Lovely Bones, Can. Not.

Laurel said...

I cry pretty much all the time. What makes me cry the most is that Visa commercial where the guy's Visa card keeps changing b/c big things happen in his life, like he gets married, has a baby, kids grow up etc.

I have yet to see Harry Potter 7.2, and I have to say that I am not super excited to. I read the books, and I found movie 7.1 very disappointing. I am afraid to be let down again.

Empress of Venus said...

Can I say Twilight if it was laugh tears?

You know me and my Middle Earth full body dehydration.