Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Nothing says freedom like ice cream and hats

My Fourth of July weekend was everything it should be.  Complete with: 

Eating out a lot

A very serious conversation over Bert & Rocky's ice cream with Amanda, visiting from the Frozen North, about the importance of ice cream placement in your cup/cone - your favorite goes on the bottom - and how shocked we are that people don't grasp this.  Also, our shock over people liking vanilla ice cream.  They always follow up this admission by saying, "But you can add things to it."  And to that we say anything that needs to be added to is AUTOMATICALLY INFERIOR!!!!  Clearly we are passionate about this.  (Sorry for the rant.  Vanilla makes me cranky.)

It also included a frenzy of hat making.  My friend is throwing a bridal shower tea party and she saw the hats I made for the Royal Wedding and asked if I'd make some for it.  As it is officially my new dream to live in London and make hats for the Queen I decided it would be good practice.  So I took the gig.

 Here, let me model them for you: 

The white one, with its explosion of feather's shooting out, makes me feel patriotic.  But I promise to not rib the Queen about losing to us all those years ago when I am the Royal Milliner.


Taryn said...

Those are really cute! They are way better than the ones the ugly step sisters wore. Way to go! I totally want one by the way:)

April and Wes said...

Ok... so if you really want to, I will happily accept a beautiful hat for Peyton's Fancy Nancy party at the end of July. Camille is taking her 1 year old pictures so, you could just meet us there. :)

Rach said...

You are truly talented. First felt dinos, now fancy hats? Why didn't we tap this at Moon apartments? It could have gotten us through the dreary times. Just seeing your fab hats makes me want to have some sort of party that requires your hats.

And your weekend sounds fantastic.

Rach said...

And one more thing. Amen to the vanilla ice cream. When there are flavors like Heath Bar and Double Fudge Chocolate Brownie around, it is a complete waste of ice cream to have vanilla. I only buy it for root beer floats and to eat along with Death by Chocolate cake. And then I have to smother it with something chocolatey. I'd rather just have Heath ice cream.

Valerie said...

I'm not sure when I'm next coming home, but I insist on having a hat party. I love the crap out of all of these.

Bronwyn James said...

And if you get it just right you can mix the top and bottom flavors on your spoon and maximize the tasting experience. The thought of you and Amanda at Bert and Rocky's makes me want to call up my friends for an immediate GNO.

The hats? No words. Except this. Freakin' Amazing.

Anonymous said...

I'm owning my own liking of vanilla, but only in the bland friend you invite somewhere that won't piss everyone else off way. Like to an Apple Crisp Function.

Mariah said...

Those hats are amazing! I want to hold an event just for the hats, and hire you as my milliner!