Sunday, July 31, 2011

Ruby at the Ballgame

You're aware of the cautionary tale of Ruby St. Germaine, former headliner of my car now occupying the cup holder and battling a heroin addiction. 

To lift Ruby's spirits we took her to the Dodger game last week.

(Side note:  do you see that man standing to the right of Ruby?  Wearing the hat and facing away from the field?  That's Sid, our number one usher and official Oldest Man Alive.  We sit in those seats a few times a year and Sid is always there, answering questions and posing for pictures with girls in really short shorts.  Work it, Sid!)

Ruby had a great time at the game, cheering on the Dodgers and eating some peanuts

Now, we're all used to Ruby and her tragic appearance but the guys sitting next to us thought she was a little creepy and that we brought her there for a little dark magic.

Is Ruby casting a spell on the Rockie's or just doing spirit fingers? 

She'll never tell.  But we won. 

(Second side note:  the guy sitting next to me was very nice and promised to dive in front of us should a foul ball come screaming at my head, as they are wont to do in those seats, which is all I ask of a neighbor at a baseball game, even if he was on his 5th beer and was a bit of a leaner.)


Andrea said...

It's so good to see that Ruby and Sid are still alive and kickin'. I'm going to the D-backs game this Friday. They're playing the Dodgers and I'll be wearing my Dodger t-shirt!

Rach said...

I'm so glad Ruby got a night out. Sometimes to lift your spirits, all you need is to go see your favorite sports team live. And what a nice neighbor. I'm afraid if I were sitting by you I'd just duck and scream. Sorry.

Camille said...

She was such a peanut hog that night. And that hair. She really knows how to class up for the Dodgers.

Laura said...

I believe she is the perfect candidate for an Extreme Makeover!!