Monday, August 1, 2011

A metal coil thingy

Conversation I had with a Target employee:

Me:  Could you please tell me where I can find a Slinky.

Target Employee:  A what?

Me:  A Slinky

TE:  What is that?

Me:  ??

TE:  ??

Me:  It's a metal coil thingy that you play with.  (Then I proceed to do the hand motions you make whilst playing with a Slinky.  You know what I'm talking about.)  You can throw it down stairs!  It slinks!

TE:  I still don't know what you're talking about.  You'll have to ask someone else.


Laura said...

What on earth? Seriously? How old was this person? Do kids today (and by kids I mean someone under 30) really not know what that is? I suppose a slinky is probably considered a "retro" toy these days. Uh-oh, am I really old enough to have played with toys which are now considered retro? Don't answer that.

Stephanie said...

I am proud to say that my daughter (age 7) knows what a slinky is. She has ruined several already.

What kind of parents did this poor sap of a child have??

Super sad.

Andrea said...

You mean there weren't any slinkies in the dollar bin? Try Michael's, I know I've seen them there. They're right next to the glow sticks and the flarp.

Rach said...

What??? My toddler knows what a slinky is. Clearly this poor Target employee had a sad sad childhood. I only wish I had gotten to see your hand motions. He probably doesn't know what a rubiks cube is or a lite brite. This is tragic.

Valerie said...

Wait, were you in Brooklyn when you had this conversation, because that's about the sum total of "good" customer service at my target.

Actually, that's not true, if it was at my target, you're conversation would have gone like this:

You: Can you tell me where-

TE: We don't have it.

p.s. was this person born in a Soviet bomb shelter? Who doesn't know what a slinky is?

Chris said...


I would have expected it from a Walmart employee, but not Target?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if TE has seen Princess Bride...