Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Because I'm curious and have spare time

Announcement, I'm back to making funny things out of felt and to jump start it I'm having a give away.  If you answer any of the following questions you will be entered into a drawing to receive an original felt bookmark of your choice.  You want want Yoda?  You can have Yoda.  Mr. T?  Sure. Wayne Newton?  Elvis?  The cast of Three's Company?  It's entirely up to you.  

On to the questions:

1.)  Did you get your free Slurpee on 7/11?  Because I did.  Look how happy we are together.  MFEO.  Also, what is going on with my bangs?  Particularly that wonky part on the left. Dumb cowlick.

Question:  What is your favorite Slurpee flavor?

2.)  I'm back to the ring watch.  Why did I ever leave?  Seeing my fingernails that long is giving me anxiety.  

Question:  Do you wear a watch?

3.)  Katie came home from shopping and presented me with this lemonade.  This will mean nothing to you unless you know that my dad's nickname for me is Hubert.  It is a mystery how he came to call me that - even to him - but I've been Hubert my whole life.  It makes no sense.  But the lemonade was tasty.

Questions:  What is your nickname?

4.)  Hey, what's that black thing on the wall of my parking garage?   

Oh, just a moth the size of a postcard.  And not one of those cheapo 5 for a dollar postcards but a fancy large glossy one that you can find at the gift shop in the Museum of Things that Scare the Holy Cats Out of Rachel

When I got close enough to take a picture it struck me that at any moment that moth could fly at my face, pick me up by my wonky bangs and carry me across the street to WalMart, you know, to complete my personal nightmare.  I felt incredibly brave.

Questions:  What flying and/or creeping thing would you not get close to even to take a picture for your blog?

5.)  I took this of me and my mom in Union Station while waiting to board the train to Chicago

Question:  Isn't my mom the cutest?  (Hint, there is only one answer to this.)


Elizabeth Loyle said...

1. My fave Slurpee flavour is Cherry - can't beat the classics

2. I wear a lovely Mickey Mouse Watch and have done so for years

3. My nicknames are Loyle, LC, Lola and most recently Lizzle

4. those spiders with thick legs, not like a tarantula, but just thicker than the little ones.

5. Your Mum looks delightful.

Laura said...

1. I shouldn't tell you this - but I don't really drink Slurpees very often. However, I'm going to have to go with Cherry or maybe Coke on occasion.

2. I don't wear a watch anymore. Ever since I got a cell phone that had a clock, I don't use a watch.

3. I don't have one. Sad. Unless you count the childhood nicknames my brother used to call me. Ya know, the real clever ones, like "fatty". Nice, I know.

4. You know how I feel about flying things. So, basically anything that flies or jumps or is equally as unpredictable as flyers or jumpers.

5. We're going to have to work out some sort of deal on this one like we did with the nieces and nephews. We can't do that your mom is the cutest in California because mine lives here too. Though, my mom is in Colorado right now, so I can definitely say that yours is the cutest in California and mine is the cutest in Colorado. When my mom gets back, we'll renegotiate.

Amanda said...

1. I didn't get my free slurpee because I haven't seen a 7-11 around these parts. My favorite flavor is Blue Raspberry! No competition! I have been eating some yummy shaved ice! I think I'm buying a machine.
2. I haven't worn a watch regularly since the mission, but I love your ring watches. Why ever did you stop wearing them? Mystery.
3. I don't have a nickname, but if I did, it would probably be Sassy McSasserson. At least in this house!
4. I hate bats! I would run and hide from bats. Other flying things that bug me are the swarms of tiny insects that hang out at our porch light in the summer. How do you fix that problem? You need the light, but that moment of wrestling the lock and swatting the bugs is torture!
5. Your mom is definitely the cutest!! She is a beautiful woman inside and out! You are a very lucky girl to have such a mother!

Andrea said...

1. Blue raspberry, but sadly I haven't had one for a very long time.
2. No, I'm not much of a jewlery wearer.
3. I have two nicknames. My nieces and nephews call me Andy, I'm not even sure they know my real name is Andrea. My dad calls me Martha. Actually he calls all the women in the family Martha, this way he doesn't get in trouble if he calls us by the wrong name.
4. A flying roach. We had one in our house last summer. So nasty. Andrew's Dad is staying with us this week and he collects bugs. There are so many bugs trapped in cups with lids and it's making me feel a little anxious!
5. She sure is!

Erin said...

1. Cherry. Hands down. But there are no 7-11s in this part of the country. And that's why southeast Texas is stupid.

2. When I was little, I was a compulsive watch wearer. Like compulsive enough that even when I got a sore under there, I still wore it until it bled. Now, I can't wear a watch to save my life. It drives me nuts.

3. Husband calls me Mistress Sassy Britches.

4. I'm not scared of flying things - just slithering ones.

5. That is one cute mother.

Tammy said...

1. My favortite flavor in white cherry, but I also like coke.

2. I don't wear a watch

3. my nickname for as long as a I remember is Munchie, I loved the monchhichi dolls and cartoon.

4. I don't mind one flying thing but if it beomes a swarm or a flock of flying things, I am outta there!

Ms. Liz said...

My favorite slurpee flavor is Root Beer and I DID get my free one on 7-11. I had to elbow my way in too but I was victorious.

I don't wear a watch often anymore by when I do it's a lovely dainty 1940s replica one.

Im a bit odd not being too creeped out by creepy crawlies but I am always a little icked out when I see a spider descending. I don't like the idea of a bug getting the drop on me.

I have a few nicknames: Lizzie, Libby, Bibs, Lilo, Sister, and Jane ( it's a long story). I'm awfully fond of Libby and Bibs. And Jane. I love them all for different reasons. Principally for the people who gave me them.

Your mother is and always will be a treasure.

Stephanie said...

I haven't had a slurpee in years, but I believe I liked to put mine in layers of coke and cherry.

I don't wear a watch, they bother my tender wrist skin, but I am good at spotting clocks and using my cell phone when needed.

I don't mind moths and bugs, but scorpions scare the heebs out of me. Rattlesnakes, too.

My family still calls me Stephie, my college roommates used to call me "heifer"(or heff for short), but most people just call me Steph.

Yes, you have an adorable mommy.

liz said...

I never win anything, EVER, so I won't even try to enter your give away. Plus the fact that you don't know me and I only found your blog through a mutual friend/cousin may disturb you anyway. But having said all that, I firmly believe that you should make a felt Tyra Banks. No, she is not obscure, but kooky enough to make the list.

Anonymous said...

First, Hi Libby Bibs!! Because it's me who calls you those things.

Ok, to business.

1.) I'm an old fashioned red girl. The flavor red. Because nothing else tastes like it. You know this to be true.

2.) I have a gigantic watch that I got on the Eiffle Tower, which lost the dial about 3 minutes after the purchase and so it is permanently on Paris time. This is not bad.

3.) Webster.

3.) Ya ok, Emsy (various sub forms of Emzy, Emseh, Em-Z, Ems), Emilily (compliments of one of the former Burches), Tiger Lily (camp), Earl, Empress, Dollface, Cupcake, Goddess, Queen of All, GetsEasilyCarriedAway, VenusRockHobbit, The Strange, The End.

4.) .........

5.) She's the precious, even for a non-hobbit.

Does this mean our secret idea for my laptop cover is now under way?

Rach said...

1. I neglected getting a slurpee on 7/11 (doh!), but my favorite flavor is pina colada.

2. I love your ring watches. I covet them, actually. I wear a watch when I remember. The rest of the time I rely on my cell phone to get me places on time.

3. You already know my most used nickname, which is Rac, of course. I was also known as Smurfette for a while in junior high and high school.

4. Eek! Spiders that crawl really fast that are bigger than my thumbnail and cockroaches. (They scurry in a creepy fast way and are GROSS.) Also, anything that stings is on my list of bugs to avoid.

5. Um, duh. Of course she's the cutest.

Misha said...

1. I haven't had a Slurpee in a really long time, but Coca Cola can't be beat!

2. Haven't worn a watch since I had kids (oldest is 5 years). I look forward to getting a watch when I don't have an infant anymore, but for now I hate the thought of scratching my little one with my watch.

3. My husband is the only one that has a nickname for me, but it's top secret.

4. I think I could get close enough to take a picture of most bugs, but never a snake. I wouldn't even take a picture of a snake from far away.

5. You're mom is beautiful!

Heidi said...

1. Cherry! Boring right. Well not when you puke it all over the hospital floor while in labor.

2. I have about 20 watches and NEVER wear one.

3. Hide (real original)

4. Nothing really that flies, crawls, or creeps.

5. HELLO!!! Inside & Out!
(I remember hearing stories about her from your dad before I ever met her and LOVED her!)

Hannah said...

1) I am slightly bereft that I missed free slurpee day, as it combines two things I love, which are of course slurpees and free things. My personal favorite is coke with a HINT of blue raspberry. Magnifique! But I usually get whatever crystal light one they have available. I'm not proud.

2) I love your ring watch and it made me glower at my own stubby fingers that make watch rings and statement rings of any kind a no go. This is tragic because in my soul I was BORN for statement rings! As it is I will have to wait until I am old and therefore allowed to do as I please and wear rings on every finger. What was the question? Oh yes. I have a beautiful silver watch that belonged to my great grandmother, that I never wear anymore because the watch battery wore out, and I can't seem to figure out how to fix that, even though literally all it entails is taking it to a jeweler to replace said battery. Could not be more simple. And yet.

3) My nicknames are: Hannahbabe/Hannahbaby (my dad), Hambone, Lambchop, Hannah bear, Hannah damn (!), and while many people call me Hannah banana, and I find it endearing, even more people call me Hannah Strawberry, which fills my heart with glee.

4) Last weekend Alex and I went on a hike in the Hoh rainforest (Oh northwest...stop, we GET it!) and found a really nasty black slug. And I took a bunch of pictures of it. Like I got on the ground to get a better angle. I don't know either. So I was kind of figuring nothing was too gross for me when I remembered cockroaches. So that is my answer. Cockroaches.

5) After reviewing the picture with meticulous attention to detail and following several cuteness algorithimsYESOBVIOUSLYSHEISTHECUTESTEVER! From a scientific perspective.

6) I know there isn't a sixth question but even though I've written ten pages in this comment I seem to have EVEN MORE to say! Which is basically this: I probably don't deserve to win, because obviously I have been more than blessed in the felting realm. But enter me anyway because I have a competitive nature. Also because I have a killer new idea that I won't reveal here, but it rhymes with Schmolly Clarton. Oh yeah.

7) Gosh I miss you.

Bronwyn James said...

1) Cherry
2) Watches forever
3) Bryn, B, or Bert (from my childhood gymnastics coach)
4) Big ugly Roaches, like the one Chris found in our shower this morning.
5) Gutsy of Tammy not to have answered #5. She must hate felt. Your mom = Precious!

Amanda said...

I like this new Liz person. Of course you should do a Tyra felt thing! She better be smeyezing in it!

Ms. Liz said...

Can you just make me something that is nothing but a smize? Like those massive billboards that were just a pair of eyes? That might make my millennium.

Tammy said...

Bronwyn you are right, how could I have over looked the last question, because I do love felt and have always dreamed of owning a bookmark from Rachel !

5. Rachel, your mom is the cutest ever, and like Heidi I herd many wonderful stories about her from your dad before I got the opportuniy to meet her and she is delightful.

Ginger said...

You are all so kind. I'm blushing!