Monday, August 8, 2011

Anne of Green Gables my eye!

Folks, something very bad has happened - someone has created another Anne of Green Gables movie and it is an atrocity, a sham, an affront to all Anne Loving People everywhere.  I came across it this afternoon and only watched 15 minutes of it before throwing down the remote control and harrumphing about my living room, ranting about how it is an atrocity, a sham, etc.  Here's what I gathered from those 15 minutes:

1.)  Anne is middle aged and WWII is going on (when everyone knows that it's WWI that is happening when Anne is middle aged.)

2.)  Anne is searching for her father (Who, you may recall from the books, is actually dead.)

3.)  And surprise! she has a half brother whom she is also searching for.

4.)  She has a son named Dominic.  What?!  What about Jem, or Shirley, or (Sweet Land of Liberty, I'm going to start weeping) Walter?

5.)  She is living at Green Gables again.

And, this is the most egregious so hold on to your hats...

6.)  Gilbert is dead and Anne is dating some other guy.  AS IF!  And also, NO!  And for another thing, HOGWASH!  I started watching during a scene where Anne comes home and takes the arm of this guy and I thought, "Gee, they could have cast a more handsome Gil." And then she called him Gene.  She's dating a guy named Gene!?  Is this some kind of joke?  Do they really believe that the people will stand for a.) Gilbert being killed off and b.) Anne walking arm in arm with a guy who isn't Gilbert?  Unacceptable.

Okay, so I'm a little passionate about Anne of Green Gables.  That series of books (and really, all of LM Montgomery's books) were a huge part of my formative years.  And the stories that she wrote of Anne were great.  Mostly because Gilbert doesn't die!  They grow old together and have kids (none of them named Dominic) and they live happily ever after, just as we all knew they would.  Killing him off and giving Anne a long lost father and brother and made up son is just preposterous.

I object! 


Bronwyn James said...


Laura said...

That is tragic! It's like that weird part 3 (or whatever it was called) they made a few years ago with the original cast. I liked it only because I missed those actors, but the story wasn't quite right. Although, speaking of Dominic - I do believe that's the name of the baby in that movie that she rescues from war-torn France who's the son of that writer/spy that she befriends. Weird.

If they really wanted to make a movie, why couldn't they have just left Anne out of it!!

Rach said...

Double ick. To be honest, I haven't even watched all of the third movie they made where Anne takes off to France, because it was so ridiculously wrong. To kill off Gilbert and give her different children is unthinkable. For shame.

Stephanie said...

I feel a letter writing campaign is in order. This is not right - not right at all.

Susan Bergreen said...

Are you SURE it was Anne of Green Gables you were watching?

Anonymous said...

Ok wait, some of the follow up Anne movies that the orignal cast made had a few of those undertones... Was this an entirely new cast? Did you already say that and I didn't notice?

Mary P said...

Dear Rachel,

Thank you for posting this warning, I shall now spread the news of this travesty to all my Anne-loving (Kindred Spirit) friends.

After throwing up a little.

Part three was bad enough (I know the timing was off for the entire series, but it became PAINFULLY obvious in that one).

I'm looking over at my set of books on the shelf, just to make sure they're still safe!

Hannah said...

I am. SO. ANGRY. I...I want to go watch one of the hulk tv show/movies so I will know the appropriate references to equate my rage to that of you know...the HULK, because that's how mad I am. WHY.

Ms. Liz said...

I'm brandishing my pitchfork right NOW! Who??! WHO would DARE??!!!