Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Life of Elegant Leisure - Hobo Edition

Here is the joy of beach camping, besides smores:  you can look and act like a hobo without any major repercussions, namely, people thinking you look like a hobo and calling the police on you for loitering.  In fact, if you don't look like a hobo you're commitment to the endeavour is instantly questioned.  What is she trying to prove, putting on mascara?  Camile and I went camping up at Carpinteria for a few days and we would putter around the camp grounds in our pajamas, squinty eye and hair akimbo, until the morning clouds went away and then we'd head out to the beach for a few hours of sitting and reading gossip mags.  Then we'd stroll into town for lunch, covered in sun screen and hair still a mess in sandy flip flops and cover-ups, stop in at Vons for some ice and then back to the beach for more sitting. Which is basically how vagrants spend their days.  Looking and acting like that at any other time or place would surely get you a couple of tragic looks, and possibly a couple of hand outs.  But everyone around you is beach camping, and everyone around you looks exactly as you do.  Everyone smells like sun screen and camp fire and dirt.  No one has done their hair in days.  Everyone slept in tents and spent their days being buried in the sand.  We all look like hobos!  And we all look pretty happy about it.


Rach said...

You make a cute hobo.

Amanda said...

I'm sorry, I haven't even read this post, but you are an unconvincing hobo! Way too cute!