Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday Antics

It was one of those weekends where you just want to do high kicks all over the place because you're having such a good time.  It included THREE outrageously fun parties, special occasion French Toast, a dance-off, karaoke, cheesy potatoes, a house full of Knechts, an apartment full of some of my favorite people, and lots and lots and lots of women in sequins dresses and fur stoles. 

Just a couple of highlights:

1.) I wrangled a gig working the check-in table at a large hospital company Christmas party.  Lucky, right?  Because I LOVE doing stuff like that.  Seriously.  I love talking to total strangers, mostly because they give me great material.  Like the doctor who came up and told me he was late because his Pomeranian didn't want him to leave and then he had to spend fifteen minute brushing pom fur off of his suit and thank goodness he didn't wear his tux like he did one year only to show up and feel totally over dressed so he just settled for his more subtle and suitable Christmas tie, which, it must be said, had dancing reindeer on it.  Also, I love seeing what other people wear to parties.  Oh, the sequins.  And the sparkle.  And the shorty short dresses.  Some of their dresses were so small I was afraid they would catch pneumonia down there.  Someone asked if I was having a good time and I said I was having the time of my life.  And then they asked if I was being facetious and I said no because being paid $50 to sit around and people-watch with dinner and unlimited Shirley Temples included is my idea of a good time.

2.)  I will just say this about karaoke.  I love it and if you invite me and Camille to come along with you the next time you go we will sing a rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart that will make you weep.

3.)   The annual Knecht Family Christmas Spectacular was on Friday.  And I think that most of us all left feeling like it was one of the best we've ever had.  Maybe Grandma and Grandpa were sending out double the party vibes now that they've teamed back up on the other side.  Grandma loved her parties.  And Grandpa loved basking in how much fun we all were capable of.  I missed seeing him sitting in his chair and giggling at all of our antics.  And you know there were antics.  Antics are what we do best.  And jazz hands.  Which there were a lot of in this year's Knecht Sisters Holiday Number.  (Some background:  we took this from our favorite SNL Christmas skit that cannot be found anywhere on the internet.  Trust me, we've all searched and search.  Fortunately, it has worked it's way into our souls.)  Enjoy, enjoy,enjoy.


Rach said...

Loved it. And we WILL go do karaoke together some day. And I will be requesting Total Eclipse by you and Camille. Also, how did you manage to get the perfect holiday temp job?

Stephanie said...

Here's a little secret . . . I bought a karaoke machine so that my family can start a Christmas karaoke tradition. I have John on board, I'm hoping it will take off and we can make lots and lots of memories. How's that for antics?