Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I want this more than I want a Slurpee machine

Stephanie, my beautiful and talented and super thoughtful friend, posted this on Facebook for me:


Would anyone like to buy my kidney so I can get one? 


Stephanie said...

If I was a much better friend, it would have just shown up at your door. I squealed when I saw it, too!

I just love ya!

Andrea said...

You need to have this. I say set up a donation box on the right side of your blog. I'd pitch in and I'm willing to bet all of your other readers would to.

Camille said...

You are kidding me. It was just like a week ago that you were questioning why they don't have adult size big wheels. That is crazy! I'm in for $5.

Rach said...

I think you have secretly become queen of the universe, because all you had to do was mention that you'd like adult-sized big wheels to be made and ta da! Big wheels for grown-ups.

Anonymous said...

Only if you promise to bring it to and use it at Disneyland once.