Monday, May 14, 2012

You have some explaining to do, Tyra!

How come I am JUST NOW finding out about this!

It is an outrage!  And I will not stop using exclamation points until Tyra calls me up and personally explains herself!  What is America's Next Top Model without Miss J, Mr. Jay and Noted Fashion Photographer Nigel Barker!?!?

It's the day the smize died!


Rach said...

Um, WHAT??? She really is off her rocker.

Valerie said...

If she thinks she can keep that show going without those three, she has LOST HER MIND. Who will run the photo shoots, I ask you? WHO? Miss, Jay, I mean, fine, if someone's got to go, let it be Miss Jay. Even Nigel, noted or not, he seems to flirt a leetle too much for a married man.
But MR. JAY? NOT ON MY WATCH, TYRA. He is the heart and soul of that show (and, p.s. the only person who seems remotely competent). Who's going to run them? P.R. Maven Kelly Catrone?